You Can Still Apply to Study in Rome for Spring 2014

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Imagine spending the spring and summer in Italy, strolling the fascinating streets of Rome, seeing the sights, meeting like-minded people and having the time of your life. You might think that it would be impractical to indulge in travel adventures when you are in the midst of your studies – but what if you could spend the spring or summer in Rome while earning college credits? John Cabot University is a full-fledged American university in Rome, Italy, providing students with access to the education, faculty and resources they need to succeed academically, combined with the opportunity to join a thriving global network in the stimulating surroundings of the cosmopolitan capital.

It isn’t too late to apply to study at JCU for the Spring 2014 semester. We are extending our application deadline two weeks until November 15th, so degree-seeking or study abroad students still have time to apply. The online applications can be found on JCU’s website. Applicants should request official transcripts from colleges or universities they have been attending and secondary school transcripts if having less than two years of post-secondary education. Degree-seeking students must also complete a personal essay and submit two letters of recommendation if they are applying as a freshman or one if applying as a transfer student.

Cultural Immersion

Rome truly has an abundance of riches for any student of the world. Italy’s capital features many of the world’s premier artistic and archaeological marvels, and its history as the seat of the Roman Empire mingles with its present as the center of progressive Italian culture. Art history, classical studies and history majors could imagine no better place to gain first-hand appreciation of their subject matter, while international business, political science and economics students gain valuable exposure to innovative practices in a hub of cross-cultural exchange. Immersion in a different culture such as this develops priceless communication, critical thinking and adaptation skills that will provide lifelong career and personal benefits.

Students at JCU have the opportunity to explore Rome as a living laboratory, experiencing renowned galleries and cathedrals, ruins, catacombs and the Vatican during on site classes, study trips, extracurricular activities and through independent research assignments. The campus is located in the picturesque Trastevere neighborhood in the heart of Rome, within walking distance of the city’s greatest attractions. With small class sizes and a multicultural community, there are countless opportunities to meet new friends, collaborate on projects, and share ideas with students and faculty from all over the world.

Summer in Rome

Summer in Italy is the height of tourist season, filled with festivals and unique celebrations. Students at universities in Italy will often travel to beaches and mountain villages to beat the heat, or enjoy gelato on one of many outdoor terraces or piazzas in the city. Combining travel and study is an excellent way to achieve a more rewarding cultural experience, learning about Rome, yourself and the world by being immersed in it.

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