Why You Should Take Advantage of JCU’s Writing Center

Why You Should Take Advantage of JCU’s Writing Center, study abroad in Rome, Italy,

Strengthen your writing skills with free, one-on-one sessions at JCU’s Writing Center

Strong research and writing skills are the foundation of student success at a liberal arts university. And the ability to explain, describe, and argue persuasively will reap benefits long after graduation, when you apply for graduate studies or enter the workforce.

No matter your degree focus, the John Cabot University Writing Center is there to help you strengthen those crucial communication skills. Expert coaching can help you develop the ability to look at your own work with the critical eye of an experienced editor, and take your writing to the next level.

In addition to honing your writing chops, here are a few more reasons every student should take advantage of the free (yes!) services offered at JCU’s Writing Center.

1. Understand Your Writing Process & Boost Your GPA

The mission of JCU’s Writing Center is not to produce better writing, but to produce better writers. Students who sit down with our tutors get the tips and support needed to understand each step of the writing process, and communicate their thoughts with clarity and precision.

Why You Should Take Advantage of JCU’s Writing Center,

Reading, analysis and writing are central to your studies at JCU

From brainstorming to developing research questions, formulating theses, and cultivating great final drafts, experts at the Writing Center help students zero-in on challenging areas. With personalized support, you’ll learn to produce the high-quality writing professors are looking for – and earn the grades to match.

2. Writers Need Readers! Get Feedback While You Study Abroad

You can either make appointments or drop by the Writing Center, which is right next to JCU’s Lemon Tree Courtyard. Bring along your assignment guidelines, drafts, and even graded papers with professors’ comments to get valuable feedback from our experienced tutors.

Why You Should Take Advantage of JCU’s Writing Center, study abroad in Rome, Italy,

JCU students consult with staff to take their writing to the next level.

It may sound obvious, but the tutor who reads your work will have a degree of objectivity that you, the author, probably do not. This critical distance will help the reader notice structural errors, flaws in argumentation, and other areas that could benefit from a little polishing.

In time, students will learn how to view their own writing with a similar degree of objectivity, which is the basis of sound editing – and truly helps “optimize” your assignments for grading.

3. Formatting Questions? The Writing Center Can Help!

Formatting papers can be a frustrating and finicky business. MLA, APA, Chicago – it can be really challenging to remember the rules of the various style guides you’ll be using as a student.

Losing marks for formatting a paper incorrectly is like losing a race because you wore the wrong shoelaces. Even if the substance – the true purpose of the paper – is total perfection, a formatting flaw can hold you back from achieving the full marks you deserve.

Why You Should Take Advantage of JCU’s Writing Center, study abroad in Rome, Italy,

An editing session will help produce the well-formatted work JCU professors appreciate.

Don’t know if a professor prefers APA or MLA? Unsure about how to express measurements, whether you need a cover page, or which way to cite references? Writing Center tutors know precisely what degree and study abroad students need to fulfill the formatting requirements of each course. They’ll take the guesswork out of the process, and ensure you don’t lose marks for avoidable errors.

4. Prepare for Success Beyond Your Bachelor’s

Planning to pursue a Master degree after you study abroad in Rome? Considering entering the workforce right after graduation?

Whether you’d like to begin graduate studies, start applying for jobs, or continue your world travels, the JCU Writing Center will help you put your best foot forward. Our staff can provide valuable guidance on graduate admission essays, preparation for entrance exams, and the crafting of superior CVs, cover letters, and resumes.

Why You Should Take Advantage of JCU’s Writing Center, study abroad in Rome, Italy,

At JCU, students get the resources they need to seize every opportunity with confidence.

When you consider all there is to gain from taking advantage of the Writing Center’s free resources, there’s really no good reason not to drop by!

Interested in upgrading your writing skills while you study abroad in Italy?

Visit JCU for more information about the Writing Center resources, or to book an appointment!

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