Why Study International Business at John Cabot University?

Rome has traditionally been a cosmopolitan mix of international trade and business. Imagine those fantastic tales of the Roman forum – that bustling, chaotic marketplace where exciting conversations and rumors bubbled and lucrative deals were struck. Rome was, and continues to be, an exciting hub of import and export; a cultural melting pot for the trade and exchange of ideas, culture and goods. That is just one reason John Cabot University, nestled snugly in the bustling city, has such an innovative and culturally diverse international business program.

A Global Identity and Cultural Diversity

Since John Cabot University is a globally minded university that attracts a rich and diverse array of students who have chosen to study abroad, and has internationally renowned multicultural faculty, it possesses a particularly unique perspective on international affairs. Couple that with Rome’s long and intricate history as a center for European and international trade, and you can see why students who decide to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in International Business at John Cabot University are in such an enviable position.

With the school’s international focus, there are a wealth of opportunities for internships at international organizations, consulates and government offices. John Cabot University’s uniquely global mindset allows for various opportunities to study and work everywhere from Africa to Asia.

A Uniquely International Program

The Bachelor of Arts in International Business shares its core structure and foundation with the general business administration program that John Cabot University offers, but places a strong emphasis on international business.

The program offers small classes, meaning that most of the courses are meant to foster class discussion and the exchange of ideas, rather than just leafing through a business textbook.

At the end of this program, the final course students are required to take is the International Business Seminar. This course is meant to distill and collect the concepts, ideas and perspectives learned throughout the program. It focuses heavily on case studies of international business practices, historical examples and modern businesses, and examines them through a comparative, international lens – how, where and why do they fit into the global community?

The John Cabot University Institute for Entrepreneurship

What really sets John Cabot University’s international business program apart from other colleges in Rome or elsewhere are the unique opportunities provided by the university’s Institute for Entrepreneurship. It provides students a place to hone the skills they’re learning in class, share ideas with fellow students and entrepreneurs, attend lectures from prominent international businesspeople, and explore the possibilities of international entrepreneurship.

Because of the cosmopolitan nature of the student body, students have the rare opportunity to forge and foster friendships with students from many different countries. Some of these will become international business relationships down the road. It is an incredibly powerful and unique networking opportunity that not only gives students excellent business and entrepreneurial skills, but ensures that international awareness and global collaboration are firmly cemented in the minds of the students.

So if you’re thinking you might want to study in Italy and pursue a career in international business, there’s nothing like the unique, cultural tapestry of John Cabot University’s Bachelor of Arts in International Business to give you a leg-up over the competition.

For more information about a Bachelor of Arts in International Business, visit the program’s website.


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