Why Study Economics at John Cabot University?

Why Study Economics at John Cabot University, jcu economics students, study abroad in Rome, American university in ItalyJohn Cabot University’s B.A. in Economics and Finance has grown to become one of our most popular degree programs. Study abroad students gravitate toward economics and finance because the program offers a broad base of theoretical, quantitative, and analytical skills. You will build your economics and finance curriculum with a strong base in calculus and statistics along with business ethics and the history of economic thought. In addition to learning how to crunch numbers and interpret empirical evidence, students research and compose policy papers – crafting advanced logic and problem solving skills while enhancing their ability to communicate effectively. It’s hard to imagine a combination better suited to today’s competitive job market!

Here are of few of the many advantages one gains from studying economics and finance at John Cabot University:

A Range of Career Possibilities

One of the reasons students choose to study abroad in Rome at John Cabot, is our emphasis on foundational  training that prepares you to be a life-long learner. All of our degree programs help students develop valuable critical thinking, communications and research skills – abilities that help further their career no matter its particular focus. The same is true for the B.A. in Economics and Finance. Graduates may choose to enter the workforce right away, securing jobs in education, government, finance, or journalism (just to name a few). Or, they may continue their education in graduate programs and pursue leadership and entrepreneurial roles in a range of sectors. With a grounding in so many core areas, our graduates are well positioned for career success.

Strategic Connections

In April of last year, John Cabot proudly announced the acceptance of its Economics program into the CFA University Recognition Program. The B.A. in Economics and Finance was granted the acceptance because its content incorporates 70 percent of the material covered in the CFA Level I exam. For anyone not familiar with the program, the Chartered Financial Analyst® designation is the most respected and recognized investment credential in the world. It is considered a must-have for financial analysts, portfolio managers, investments bankers, and traders all over the world. Last year, over 210,000 candidates from 168 countries signed up for I, II, and III CFA exams. It’s a notoriously difficult series of tests. Learning much of the material over the course of their degree opens to John Cabot Economics students this important option to pursue the CFA Charter.

International Access

Of course, one cannot overemphasize the advantage of studying economics and finance at an American university in Italy. An international city, poised in the midst of the incredibly diverse Mediterranean, Rome provides John Cabot students with a valuable education outside the classroom. Economics and finance students will have the opportunity to develop an eclectic network of contacts, and perhaps even find employment at esteemed international organizations. Students at John Cabot University gain a unique perspective on global markets and the factors that drive economic evolution. Their observations and experiences truly complement and enhance the academic curriculum and provide real learning in an international context that goes beyond national borders.

What area of economics interests you the most?

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