Why Study Communications at John Cabot University?

In this day and age, a great knowledge of communications is essential – not just for living a vibrant and interesting life, but for securing a rewarding career. We are constantly surrounded and bombarded by media – whether it be newspapers and television or social media – and having a strong background in communications helps you navigate through the communications fog. Want to know if you can trust a news source? Want to know where journalists and press relations people are getting their facts?

A degree in communications lets you get an inside look into the world of media, how we relate to it, and how it dictates what gets noticed in the world. As an American University in Rome, John Cabot has a unique communications program that prepares students for exciting work in PR, journalism, media or just about any other career field there is.

The International Community

Since John Cabot University is home to a variety of international students in Italy, the chance to experience other cultures and forge relationships with people from different parts of the world means great opportunities for a communications career. By experiencing such a wide variety of international topics and discussions, not only will you be getting an excellent education from John Cabot University’s communications program, but you’ll be learning from your fellow students as well.

Multidisciplinary and integrative of all media types, our Bachelor of Arts in Communications program teaches students how to analyze media and interpret it critically – taking it apart to see how it affects us, why it does and what that means.

Course Content

In the Bachelor of Arts in Communications program, you’ll have the ability to take a wide variety of courses, each with its own application within the larger realm of communications. Each course is another puzzle piece in the overall plan to understand modern media culture. Some of the courses you’ll be taking in the program include:

  • Public Speaking
  • Introduction to Cinema
  • Media, Culture and Society
  • Digital Media Culture

Courses are based heavily on class discussions, and what makes John Cabot University’s communications program so exciting is that these discussions draw from a wealth of different cultural perspectives, thanks to the diversity of international students who study abroad in Rome. You will gain a richer, more nuanced understanding of communications and media culture as a result.

John Cabot University’s location in the heart of Rome also means you’ll be close to many international businesses, embassies, and incredible museums, galleries and other hubs of media and communications. This means that there are many unique networking and learning opportunities to take your skills to the next level. To find out more information about the Bachelor of Arts in Communications, check out the communications degree webpage.

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