Why Choose John Cabot University’s Bachelor of Arts in Marketing?

Marketing is a word that’s on everyone’s lips when it comes to business. From independent record labels to start-up businesses and bloggers, everyone is wondering how to get a leg up on the competition with innovative marketing. If you’re someone who has a passion for new and creative ideas, a drive for success, and a keen eye for detail, you could be the “thought leader” providing that marketing for organizations big or small.

John Cabot University offers a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing that’s designed to expertly prepare you for the quickly changing, vast world of marketing. From online and digital marketing channels, to the traditional fundamentals, the program will prepare prospective graduates for rewarding careers in the fast-paced marketing landscape.

Marketing With a Liberal Arts Edge

What sets John Cabot University apart from a lot of its peers is the fact that we have a longstanding tradition of approaching knowledge with a liberal arts mindset. There’s a much bigger emphasis placed on creativity and outside-the-box thinking than some traditional marketing programs, meaning that students will learn how to approach scenarios with a unique perspective. It’s this kind of creativity and drive to do things differently that sets great marketers apart from the ones who just know the fundamentals and conform to industry expectations.

Students at JCU learn about marketing from a liberal arts perspective

With marketing tactics changing so rapidly (and particularly in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic), studying critical thinking skills and how to apply fundamentals to changing situations is much more important than just learning the latest trends. If you’re able to adapt quickly to changing situations, chances are you’re going to fare much better in the industry.

International Exposure for Study Abroad Students

Because John Cabot University is a university with many international students in Italy, marketing majors have an exceptional opportunity to network. Rome is an international hub, so students will be exposed to a variety of different practices from many countries and cultures, while interacting and forging lifelong relationships with students from around the world.

Marketing majors at JCU have a variety of networking opportunities

Many international business partnerships and collaborations can be initiated at John Cabot University. This exposure to cultural diversity makes it an absolutely ideal learning environment for those wanting to study marketing. You’ll greatly improve your communication skills, as well as gain valuable insights about many different cultures, all of which are excellent preparation for a marketing career.

An In-depth Curriculum

The curriculum of the Bachelor of Arts in Marketing program is designed to provide students with a solid basis in the core concepts a marketing professional should possess, including:

  • The study of market dynamics and consumer behavior theories
  • The comprehension of the marketing strategy scope
  • Product and service management
  • Communication and branding efforts
  • Pricing decisions and distribution/value chain/demand management

Outside of the classroom, John Cabot University’s unique relationship with leading multinational corporations and international organizations gives students the opportunity to participate in exclusive internship programs.

So if you’re looking to get into the wide, wonderful world of marketing, our stimulating university in Italy will certainly provide all you need to launch your career. Learn more about studying marketing in Rome at JCU!

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