Tulane Spring Scholar: Mikayla Kaliser, Fall 2019

It is hard to believe that a little over a year ago, I was receiving my admissions decision from Tulane University. Not knowing what to expect, I logged into my Green Wave Portal and read the words, “While we are unable to offer you a spot in our fall class, we are offering you the chance to join Tulane in January 2020 through our Spring Scholars Program.” I had never heard of the Spring Scholars Program, and I had no clue what my admissions offer meant for my possible future at Tulane. After doing further research on the program and realizing it would mean studying somewhere else my first semester, I told myself that Tulane was no longer an option for me. I thought that there was no way I would spend the first semester of my freshman year of college at another university and “miss out on everything.” Little did I know how wrong I would be!

As Tulane University was my top choice for the school I wanted to attend, I decided to look into the Spring Scholars Program once again. I explored all of my options, including to stay in the United States for my first semester or to study abroad somewhere. I finally came to the conclusion that I wanted to spend my semester abroad at John Cabot University. Looking back, it was the best decision I could have made.

Mikayla Kaliser is a Tulane Spring Scholar at JCU

You will quickly learn that at JCU, learning goes far beyond the classroom. Rome itself has so much to offer, including all of its monuments and historical buildings. One of my classes this semester was an on-site class in which we learned about the Renaissance monuments of Rome. Once a week, we would meet our professor at a different location, and we would get to see some of Rome’s hidden gems. I learned so much just from that one class, and I enjoyed having the opportunity to see and learn about some of the lesser-known sites in the city.

My semester here at JCU has allowed me to explore other parts of the world, too, and places I have never been to. I have traveled to four countries and 15 cities in Europe. The best part is, I got to travel to these countries with some of my closest friends that I made here at JCU. Thanks to the John Cabot University Cultural Programs and Activities, I was able to go on trips organized by JCU with my JCU classmates. I cannot think of a better way to see the world!

Mikayla spends her free time traveling around Europe with friends she met at JCU at the Wine Tasting Day Trip in Frascati.

It is hard to believe that my semester here at JCU is coming to an end. It seems like yesterday that I was getting lost in Trastevere with my friends while trying to find our way to Orientation. It is funny thinking back to that feeling because everything is so familiar to me now. I can easily navigate throughout Rome, and this is something I feel proud of. Part of the study abroad experience is getting lost here and finding some of your favorite places in the city that way. I wish time would slow down because the semester flew by so quickly.

Rome and everything about it becomes familiar in one semester

I would 100% recommend Tulane Spring Scholars spend their first semester at JCU. It is such a fun and unique way of starting college that you will never forget it–trust me! The semester will fly by before you know it, and you will find yourself wondering where the time went.

Studying abroad in Rome was the best decision I could have possibly made, and I cannot imagine spending my first semester of college anywhere else.

Mikayla Kaliser
Business major
Study Abroad Fall 2019
Tulane University

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