Travel and Study Abroad: Discovering the Sights and Discovering Yourself

Studying abroad has many perks. From discovering new cultures to learning in a historical environment, Italy has a lot to offer students who decide to spend part of their academic career at JCU. One of the bonuses of taking part in a study abroad program is the time that students get to spend discovering new cities and regions.

If you’ve been thinking about studying abroad yet are unsure about it, remember that discovering a new culture is just one of the many benefits you can get. There’s a reason why many students who have studied abroad have had a largely positive experience.

Here are a few concrete reasons why you should study at a University in Rome:

To Study Abroad Means Personal Growth

Traveling to a new city or country and discovering a new culture on your own is an exhilarating experience. The adaptability and practical knowledge that you’ll gain will be priceless.  In addition, being able to interact and work with students from other cultures will give you soft skills such as creative problem solving and communication skills to thrive in a global job market.

You Can Learn a New Language

You will find many cognitive benefits to learning a new language, and to study in Italy is the ideal opportunity to learn Italian while putting those skills into practice. The road towards language fluency begins with being able to function in that language. To test it and make sure it quickly improves, the best approach is to spend some time surrounded by native speakers. There are also rewards in that you can include your new language skills on your resume.

Travel and Sightsee Across Europe

If you’ve never traveled around Europe before, you have a range of countries to choose from. And with the availability of low-cost airlines combined with the convenience of taking the train, it’s easy to discover the rest of Europe. A short trip to France or even Greece means that you’ll also get to experience other cultures outside of Italy.

You can experience European cultures outside of Italy, such as Greece

With those benefits in mind, we’ve also compiled our recommended short weekend trips outside of Rome if your primary goal while you study abroad is discovering Italy:

Take These 3 Weekend Getaways Outside of Rome

1. Florence – Florence is a picturesque city, and one that attracts millions of tourists per year.  From the Piazza della Signoria and Palazzo Vecchio to the masterpieces on display at the Uffizi gallery, it’s a city particularly worth visiting if you’re interested in art and architecture.

2. Venice – Few cities are quite like Venice. Between gondoliers sailing through the city’s canals, as well as its museums, churches, galleries, and theaters, Venice is a small city, but one that is very photographable and concentrated with beauty.

Venice is a city worth visiting while you study abroad in Italy

3. Naples – With numerous monuments and artistic treasures, this Southern Italian city is known for having the largest historic center in Europe, as well as for the beauty of its landscape overlooking the Bay of Naples. The birthplace of pizza, Naples is chaotic, but also an exciting experience for the senses.  The Roman ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum are also nearby, as are the famous views of the Amalfi Coast.

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