Top 5 Trends in Global Communications

Top 5 Trends in Global Communications, jcu students, study abroad in Rome, italy, communications majors abroadAs companies rely increasingly on emerging digital platforms to reach global audiences, communications professionals are expected to keep up with the latest trends and innovations. Modes of communication such as social media and digital messaging give businesses more opportunity for customer interaction than ever before.

In order to keep a business or brand impactful in today’s world, professionals must know how to effectively communicate, share information, and interact with a client or customer base. If you’re pursuing a degree in Communications at John Cabot, or have chosen to study abroad in Italy to build your international network, here are five top trends in global communications you should be aware of:

1. Leveraging the Impact of Social Media

Social media platforms host millions of conversations every day, all around the world. Whether through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest, brands are discovering that social media is the best way to increase visibility and attract new business. Students expecting to manage a business, launch a start-up, or work in a marketing department must understand the language and culture of multiple platforms – and know the nuances of building a brand through social exchange.

2. Company Transparency

With the amount of personal information such as photos and phone numbers that individuals are relinquishing online, it is crucial that a company is 100% honest about how they store and use customer data. Uber, a rideshare company is an excellent example of what not to do when it comes to information transparency. The company recently lost many users after its CEO attempted to use Uber’s private information stockpile to dig up dirt on a critic. On the other hand, brands that embrace hyper-honesty throughout their online dealings are shown to have high levels of customer trust (and of course, repeat business).

3. Brand Journalism

Brand journalism extends the image of a company beyond advertisements, by reaching out to potential clients through many different platforms. This usually involves marketers speaking directly to the customer, essentially giving the brand a voice and a story. Beginning a dialogue with customers on Twitter, holding an info session on LinkedIn, or even dedicating a magazine to the brand are some of the latest manifestations of this trend.

4. Shift to Mobile Technology

Mobile devices allow us to receive information immediately as it is shared. A student at an American college in Italy can receive messages from friends back home, and also read news from Malaysia, all from their Smartphone while exploring the streets of Rome. As the trend towards wearable technology like Smartwatches and Google Glass really gains traction, business communication strategies will venture even further into the mobile space.

5. Integration

With wearable phones and other micro-tech in our near future, the communications industry is already seeing an integration of communication platforms. As traditional marketing becomes almost entirely digital and mass media shifts to specialized messaging, the traditionally discrete worlds of public relations, marketing, and advertising are merging. This consolidation speaks to the growing importance of streamlined, consistent messaging across a growing number of platforms.

What’s your favorite way to keep in touch with news, friends and family while you study in Italy?

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