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John Cabot Writing Center, study abroad in Rome, American universities in Italy, Effective communication skills is at the heart of any liberal arts degree program. Strong listening, debating, question-asking, and collaborating are central to any exploration of humanity’s political, philosophical, or cultural history – and pivotal to our students’ success in the contemporary world.

But while speaking is indeed an important aspect of communicating with others, the ability to write well is truly essential in order to excel at university, and later in the work place. Whether it’s an internal memo or a strategy report, one of the top skills employers look for in new candidates is their ability to write well. And it seems to be a dying art.  As an American university in Italy, John Cabot urges students to explore the new language and culture; however, we also place a great emphasis on developing students’ English writing skills.

Here are a few ways the John Cabot Writing Center helps you fulfill your potential as an excellent writer:

Building a Solid Foundation

One can’t build an effective essay without a central argument. And you definitely can’t support an argument without solid examples. Sometimes it seems impossible to even choose a topic, and getting started with research databases can be downright off-putting. There are so many stumbling blocks when it comes to putting together a solid essay, position paper, or research project. At the John Cabot Writing Center, expert staff will coach you on how to build a solid foundation for all of your upcoming projects. At the Center, you can book free one-hour consultations on:

  • Brainstorming, choosing, and narrowing a topic
  • Formulating a thesis
  • Drafting and revising
  • Evaluating research sources

Mastering the Details

Few students who study abroad in Italy look forward to spending long hours formatting their essays and looking up the latest MLA style guide. But these details, along with careful proofing and editing, are essential to creating an effective final draft. The Writing Center understands your struggles – they will help you understand the principles of:

  • Correct grammar
  • Organization, clarity, and style
  • APA/MLA documentation and formatting

They don’t proofread or edit your papers for you – that would be cheating! But, the Writing Center staff will help you master the finer details of writing on your own. That way, you can set forth and apply what you’ve learned to this, and your next assignment.

Developing a Range of Writing Skills

If you’re a study abroad student struggling with an essay, or a soon-to-be alumnus writing a personal statement for grad school – the Writing Center can help you strengthen your skills for a variety of intents and purposes. We coach students working on:

  • Resumes
  • Letters of intent
  • Personal statements
  • Cover letters

The Writing Center is open for tutoring on September 8th – just remember to arrive right on time, or to cancel your appointment 24 hours in advance if you can’t make it. Walk-ins are also accepted.

What area of writing concerns you the most?

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