The Guarini Institute: Exciting Events, Distinguished Guests & John Cabot Students

The Guarini Institute John cabot,  Distinguished Guests & John Cabot Students, JCU events, study abroad in Rome, American universities in ItalyWhether they come to John Cabot University for just a semester, or for the duration of their degree, students who study abroad in Rome are of the adventurous, inquisitive sort.

Our students have a keen interest in public affairs and international politics, and are drawn to exploring new cultural perspectives. The sheer diversity of John Cabot (our study body represents over 60 countries) attracts critical thinkers who strive to develop a progressive overview of the complex forces that shape our society. We’re all about debate, exchange, discussion, and asking tough questions.

And where better to expand your mind and spark debate than at the Guarini Institute for Public Affairs – an entire organization dedicated to exploring the key issues and challenges facing our world today.

Tackling the Big Issues

The Guarini Institute has a history of taking on contentious topics – the headlines that top our newspapers and dominate international broadcasting networks. This past summer alone, the Institute hosted roundtables, conferences and lectures on topics including:

  • Europe and Ukraine after the May 25th election
  • How media covered revolts in Egypt, Syria, and Ukraine
  • An examination of art theft and looting
  • A comparison of Jewish and Ukrainian writers

The Guarini Institute attracts diplomats, professors, and leaders of prominent organization such as the World Food Bank and other UN agencies. Study abroad and degree-seeking students play an important part in the Institute’s events, sharing ideas and participating in seminars that endeavor to propose solutions to real-world problems, like food shortages in war torn regions. It’s an excellent opportunity to meet prestigious presenters and voice your own opinions about important current events.

Professor Leonardo Morlino’s Upcoming Lectures

Coming soon to the Guarini are two events led by Leonardo Morlino, esteemed professor of Political Science at LUISS, Rome:

Thursday, October 2 – 6:30 pm: “What We Know and What We Should Know About Democratization ”

  • Guarini Campus, Aula Magna
  • Lecture open to the public

Friday, October 3 – 11:00 am:“Quality of Democracy: Theoretical Issues and Empirical Findings”

  • Guarini Campus, Board Room
  • Seminar open to JCU faculty, Institute Advisors, select JCU students

Professor Morlino is an accomplished and prolific author who has written or contributed to 30 volumes and over 200 book chapters on topics related to political science. His focus on democratization has led to a book recently published by Oxford University Press, and an ongoing research project on the quality of democracy in Latin America. Students will hear more about these projects at professor Morlino’s upcoming presentations at the Guarini Institute.

Student Participation at the Guarini Institute

In part, John Cabot students have chosen to pursue their liberal arts education at a university in Rome because of the city’s strategic location in the heart of the Mediterranean. Rome’s abundance of international organizations offer fantastic opportunities for interns looking for real-world work experience. And one of them – the Guarini Institute – is right here on campus. Not only are students encouraged to attend events to share their views and meet important public figures, but also to participate as interns. Earning an internship at the Institute is an impressive accomplishment – there is only one place per semester. Review requirements here to see if you’d make the cut.

What has been your favorite event so far at the Guarini Institute?

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