Summer in Rome at JCU

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Study should be challenging yet stimulating, but sometimes the pressure of deadlines makes us forget the pleasure of education, inhibiting our potentials in the process. Thankfully, John Cabot University, a liberal arts English-speaking university in Italy, is a breath of fresh air for students with a passion for learning. Imagine admiring ancient cathedrals and some of the most famous sculptures and paintings as part of art classes, or attending United Nations conferences or events at the Vatican to complement political science or international business training. A summer of study at John Cabot is an adventure of a lifetime – a learning experience with truly lasting benefits.

Located along the banks of the Tiber River in the vibrant Trastevere quarter, on the grounds of the prestigious Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei, where Galileo worked, John Cabot students are a mere 15-minute walk from Michelangelo’s masterpiece in the Sistine Chapel and other wonders of the Vatican. Lovely outdoor cafes line the small cobblestone streets of the surrounding neighborhood, a perfect place to enjoy a gelato or espresso with a book or meet friends. Rome is a wanderer’s paradise, and walking along its fabled streets can lead you from the Roman Forum to the Pantheon or the Coliseum, the architectural marvel that is still the largest amphitheater in the world, where gladiator contests were held during the height of the empire.

Students may attend one or both of two five-week summer sessions. When you arrive at the airport, John Cabot representatives will welcome you to Italy and accompany you to your JCU housing where you will soon meet new friends. No prior knowledge of Italian is necessary, but it is a great opportunity to learn the language! Students come from all over the world for a study abroad semester or four-year degrees, to explore new cultures and themselves. Being exposed to such a diverse range of cultures, attitudes and languages is a mind-opening experience, providing transformative adaptation skills and an empowering sense of independence.

Rome comes alive in the summer months with hundreds of open air concerts, art exhibits and performances held throughout the city. At JCU, theme nights and welcome barbeques are a chance to meet other students, as are wine-tasting seminars and gourmet cooking classes amidst the spectacular views of the university’s top terrace. Since classes are held Monday through Thursday, there are plenty of long weekends to explore nearby towns or travel to one of many magnificent European cities within easy reach by train or plane.

The welcoming community, ample support services and small class sizes ensure students soon feel right at home at the university in Rome, ready for unforgettable experiences discovering new career possibilities, cultures and themselves.

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