Summer 2014 in Rome

One of the many perks of studying in Rome at John Cabot University is the opportunity to experience the wonderful food, festivals and cultural activities available when the summer comes. The Roman summer – referred to locally as l’Estate Romana – is an umbrella term for a wide variety of cultural activities that take place in the city over the course of the summer. It is a season of abundant open air music, theater, fairs and much more – it’s an incredibly fun time to be in Rome! With John Cabot University’s summer sessions, you’re able to study abroad in Rome for the summer, not only soaking up Roman culture but nourishing your mind with insightful learning while getting involved with rewarding student activities.

Summer Courses

A great way to spend a summer abroad in Italy is by enrolling in some of John Cabot University’s small, engaging classes. We offer two summer sessions, both with their own unique courses, as well as graduate courses in Political Science, Art History and Archaeology. Courses in the summer session this year include fascinating topics such as Digital Photography, Monuments of Ancient Rome, Ancient Eats: Food in Ancient Rome, Intercultural Communications and many others. In addition, there are two unique Summer Institutes open to all interested students: “Creative Writing and Literary Translation ” in Session I and “International Communication e” in Session II.

Student Activities

John Cabot University is abuzz with exciting events and activities all summer, so you’ll have ample opportunity to meet likeminded people and experience the vibrant culture of Rome. The university organizes and runs events such as food and wine tastings, so students can experience the famous cuisine and excellent wines of Italy. There are also visits to historic monuments, hikes in the beautiful countryside and much more. Classes are held Monday through Thursday, so you’ll have plenty of long weekends to spend exploring the many amazing attractions of Rome and the surrounding areas.

Estate Romana

The Roman summer, or “Estate Romana,” features amazing festivals ranging from music to the arts to dance each year from June to September. A variety of mini restaurants and cafes open up along the River Tiber during this season, selling delicious food and drinks. Events happen all over the city, from the downtown core to the outskirts, and are extremely wide in variety. One of the most popular things during the Roman summer is the open air cinema, Isola del Cinema, that opens up in the summer on Tiber Island. Check out the “What’s on in Rome” feature on the JCU website for more suggestions.

So if you’ve ever wanted to experience the beauty and majesty of Rome, spending your summer in a study abroad program at an American university in Italy is a great way to do it. Not only will you earn credits towards your degree and study fascinating aspects of Italian culture, but Rome in the summer is an experience you won’t want to miss. Visit our website for more information about how you can spend your summer studying at John Cabot University.

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