Studying Art History in Rome

Hannah Garza, JCU class of 2015, Studying Art History in Rome, John cabot art history majors, English speaking universities in Italy

Hannah Garza, age 22, JCU class of 2015.

While Art History makes for a very interesting and creative focus of study under any circumstances, it is difficult to imagine a better place to learn about the history of art than the ‘Eternal City.’

John Cabot, an English-speaking university in Italy offers Art History as both a major and a minor.  The university’s location in the heart of Rome provides an unparalleled richness to students working on a Bachelor of Arts degree  in Art History as well as to those seeking an exceptional study abroad experience. Rome is the home to countless easily accessible archaeological sites, churches, museums and galleries, which students can regularly experience to deepen their cultural appreciation and understanding.

Studying Art History at John Cabot University gives students the opportunity to take on-site classes at several world famous locations, experiencing first-hand a piece of artwork as they are learning about it. This immersive approach provides an ongoing contextual framework for historical reference, encouraging students to develop their analytical and critical thinking abilities amidst the creations of Leonardo di Vinci, Michelangelo, Caravaggio and Raphael close to the university in Rome.

A Bachelor’s degree in Art History opens many doors for future career possibilities. Fascinating careers in the field include college professor, museum or gallery curator, publishing, art librarian or appraiser, and museum educator. The transferable skills acquired with this program can be the beginning of artistic, film, journalism, marketing or legal careers. Students benefit from working closely with the acclaimed faculty on research projects and may win internships at prestigious institutions such as the Museo Nazionale Romano, the Galleria Doria Pamphilj or the Biblioteca Angelica, Europe’s first public library.

Hannah Garza, a 22-year old student from Alabama, studies Art History as a minor at John Cabot University. She began as a study abroad student but loved it so much that she transferred and is now in her third year at John Cabot. She loves studying Art History at JCU and highly encourages students at John Cabot to take these courses.

“Students have the opportunity to visit the historical monuments or pieces they are learning about, rather than looking at pictures of them in a textbook,” Garza states. “Nothing can compare to standing underneath the Sistine Chapel looking at Michelangelo’s famous masterpiece as your teacher explains to you the history behind the work. It is unlike any experience you will ever have in a classroom.”

Peter Flaccus, Chair of the Department of Art History and Studio Art at John Cabot University, says: “Due to its location in Rome, John Cabot University offers you the chance to study some of the world’s greatest works of art and architecture in their true contexts. John Cabot University’s Art History students are a group of dynamic and talented young adults who thrive in diverse and multicultural settings.”

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