Studying Abroad in Rome is More Affordable than Ever!

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So you’ve made the decision to study abroad in Italy. You know this is the opportunity of a lifetime, but you have some lingering concerns about the cost. Well, there’s great news for American study abroad students on a budget!  Right now, the costs of traveling to and studying in Rome are much lower than you might expect.

The American dollar is on the rise, and is stronger than it’s been in years. To put things in perspective, a cappuccino in Rome costs just one euro, as opposed to $3.65 at an American Starbucks – which frankly, could put a strain on any budget-conscious consumers.  With the strength of their currency, students from the U.S. can stretch their dollars further than ever in Italy, which means more opportunities to travel and enjoy all that Rome and its surroundings have to offer while earning those extra academic credits.

Here are just a few ways study abroad students can live on the cheap but still enjoy a fabulous lifestyle while attending an American college in Rome.

Live Like a Local

You will certainly want to sample Italy’s renowned cuisine while you are here and Trastevere, the neighborhood where JCU is located, offers quite a variety of places to eat. Ask your Roman classmates for advice on the most affordable restaurants and pizzerias. And don’t forget to take advantage of local open air markets to buy ingredients to make your own delicious meals. Vendors are very happy to share their best recipes with you.

Discover Italian Groupon

As an American college in Italy, John Cabot tries to  give students the insider tips they need to live affordably while completing their coursework. For example, while some Americans may already know and love deal-finder, Groupon, they may not understand the different ways this company operates in Italy. Italian Groupon offers an amazing variety of different deals every day, often up to 80 per cent off the normal price.  And what is available to buy ranges from computer hard discs to medical and hair appointments – and even weekend excursions.

Quick tip: Students thinking about signing up should know that they can bypass the need for an Italian address simply by using PayPal.

Get the International Student Identification Card

The International Student Identification Card will provide you with many benefits, for example discounted access to the Vatican museums. The ISIC card may also save you money when booking trains, buses, and shuttle services, as you travel throughout your study abroad trip.

Travel on the Cheap

John Cabot University organizes many fun day and weekend trips for students who want to explore as much of Italy as they can during their time in Rome. Now that the American dollar buys more euros than ever, study abroad students can pack even more of these excursions and activities into their free time. What’s coming up next? Italian cooking classes, a trip to the opera, and a weekend ski adventure!

With all of these new opportunities to save, what will you do first when you study abroad in Rome?

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