Study Art & Museum Management at John Cabot University

The world is fascinated by beautiful pieces of art – everything from the evanescent “color vibration” of the impressionists to modern struggles with meaning and breaking conventional molds, as seen in paintings by Rothko and Pollock.

Art in Rome

John Cabot University is fortunately situated in the vibrant, artistically rich city of Rome, with access to an incredible variety of world class art and museums that are almost literally a stone’s throw away. Students who study abroad in Italy at John Cabot University have the unique opportunity to explore gorgeous and historically important art, such as Michelangelo’s ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, while visiting Rome’s diverse array of museums, including the famed Borghese Gallery and the two contemporary art museums Maxxi and Macro.

Not only was some of the most inspiring and influential art in the world created right here in Rome, but the finesse and beauty that has gone into the city’s architecture is nothing less than breathtaking. Art is everywhere in Rome, no matter where you look. A simple stroll through the Eternal City is sure to reveal inspiring creations in cathedrals, galleries and city squares.

Our new Art and Museum Management graduate certificate course is a magnificent opportunity to share these wonders with our international students in Italy.

The Art and Museum Management Graduate Certificate Course

A course that was designed in collaboration with Il Sole 24 Ore Business School, the Art and Museum Management graduate certificate course is one of two courses centered on the concept of Italian excellence that will be offered in the 2014 summer session. The course, focused on the finest points of gallery and museum management and curation, will take place from June 30th through July 18th.

Classes will be held Monday through Friday at John Cabot University’s campus in Rome and include lunch at the Tiber Café, in order to facilitate networking and the sharing of ideas and creative thoughts.

Some interesting topics that the class will cover include:

  • The origins and growth of museums
  • Contemporary museums of today
  • Management models
  • The concepts of cultural patrimony and “opera d’arte”  (work of art)
  • The world of art today
  • The new consumer of art and culture: understanding market behavior
  • Multimedia and support for art
  • From the multimedia exhibit to the virtual exhibit
  • Art and cultural sites as levers of communication
  • Promoting art and culture with technology

On Fridays, students will have the chance to participate in field trips to important museums, cultural areas and other spots of interest. These excursions will include visits to the Capitoline and Vatican Museums as well as a trip to the stunningly artistic city of Florence. Not only will you get to study abroad in Rome, but also experience artistic inspiration throughout the country.

This rewarding course is designed to give students a valuable overview of the history of museums and galleries, the process of curating and collecting art, and how all of these individual concepts tie together to form the rich tapestry of what is now the modern incarnation of art – as a cultural artifact, an ethereal thing of beauty, a product, and a lifestyle.

Find out more about the Art and Museum Management course at John Cabot University’s website.

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