Study Abroad Spotlight: Geraldine Glavis, Spring 2018

Studying abroad was something I had on my bucket list before I ever even started college. I chose to study abroad in Rome, Italy because the city had everything I wanted. John Cabot University gave me the chance to learn a new language and culture while studying in a prime European location.

Geraldine Galvis

Geraldine Galvis

Living the JCU Life

As a double major, I feared going abroad for a semester would delay my graduation date. I was fortunate enough to have found courses that fulfilled my core requirements and that were still interesting to me. During my time at JCU, I took Italian 101, Italian literature, global warming, and ethics of living a good life. While I often traveled during the three-day weekends, my school work was manageable.

I lived off campus in the cutest Italian-style apartment with five other girls from universities all over the United States. Not only was it my first time living in an apartment on my own where I was required to cook for myself, but I got to grow closer with these girls and learned how to adapt to new situations.

It is important to for me to remember that everyone who is studying abroad is on the same page. We all want to learn the culture and experience it to the fullest. The girls I lived with were my greatest allies throughout my time in Rome. We traveled together, enjoyed every moment together, and most importantly supported each other.

Taking the Jump

My biggest piece of advice for incoming study abroad students is to be open to new things because you will only experience studying abroad once. Remember that the people you meet while studying abroad are just like you, meaning they are also nervous. It is important to face the fear and take the jump. Try new things together and learn from each other, and once you’re ready to try new things alone, I hope you take a trip by yourself.

The moments I spent alone were the moments in which I was forced to try something new and learned the most about myself. I encourage you all to do something new every day, like try a new lunch spot, learn new Italian words, and travel not only in Italy but to the countries surrounding Italy. 

After my study abroad experience, I arrived back in Boston a young woman who was comfortable with being uncomfortable. I allowed myself to try new things without holding regrets, and it’s a skill that will be applicable in my life after Rome.

Geraldine Galvis

Geraldine Galvis
Double Major in Government and Pre-Law
Suffolk University – Study Abroad Spring 2018
Hometown: Dorchester, Massachusetts

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