Study Abroad in Rome – Summer Study at John Cabot University

There are few scenes more picturesque than relaxing on a Roman piazza, just lounging and reading a great book while the sun shines down on you. It’s a picture almost too perfect for words, and one of those dreams many of us have when it’s still the rainy season of early spring. You’ll be glad to know, however, that this elegant dream is actually closer to reality than you might think at John Cabot University in Italy.

At John Cabot University, we offer a great summer study program at our welcoming campus amidst cobblestone streets and outdoor cafes. From dining at some of the finest restaurants in the world by night, and soaking up amazing lectures and cultural activities by day, spending a summer studying abroad in beautiful Rome, Italy is an absolutely life changing experience. Not only will you come back with wonderful memories and souvenirs, but also a bolstered knowledge of literature, politics, culture and anything else your heart desires.

If you’re thinking that you might want to study in Italy at John Cabot University, we offer two separate and unique summer sessions:

Session I runs from May 15th to June 21st and includes a wide variety of interesting and eclectic courses, such as Digital Photography, Ancient Eats: Food in Ancient Rome, Business Ethics, Roman Baroque Sculpture, and Race and Gender in Cinema and TV. Celebrated summer lecturers who will be teaching at John Cabot University during the first summer session include Dr. Anthony R. Fellow from California State Fullerton (teaching COM 220 Media, Culture and Society), who writes political and newspaper columns on politics and water issues, and is a frequent speaker at national and international media conferences; as well as Dr. David Kiefer from the University of Utah (teaching MA 208 Statistics I), who is the author of two books and numerous professional journal publications that include topics as varied as game theory and government behavior.

Session II, which runs from June 26th to August 2nd, includes a wealth of courses that are no less exciting, including Ancient Rome and Its Monuments, Digital Media Culture, a Creative Writing Workshop on Travel Writing, International Environmental Politics, and Theories of Personalities. You can expect to sit in on fascinating lectures from renowned professors and scholars such as author Andrew Cotto, who will be teaching the Creative Writing Workshop and has written for numerous publications including The New York Times, The Huffington Post, Men’s Journal,, the Good Men Project, and Teachers and Writers magazine.

So if you’ve ever wanted to soak up sun in the Mediterranean while also soaking up knowledge from some of the best and brightest at an American university in Rome, having the time of your life while experiencing a different culture, check out the summer abroad program’s website, and don’t forget to pack some sunscreen!


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