Why a Study Abroad Experience Is a Must-Do in College


During your time at university, you will make many decisions. From what courses to take, to which extracurriculars and events you want to experience, you will have a lot of choices available to you during your education. Something you may be considering is whether or not studying abroad is right for you.

You may already know the benefits of having a study abroad experience on your resume, but there are even more reasons to include it in your academic career. Your time at university can be one of the few periods in your life where you have the chance to take advantage of these benefits. Here are a few reasons why you should make it a must-do during your college years!

You Will Appreciate the Little Things in Life More

Sometimes, the little things we take for granted each day can bring the most joy. Small details such as discovering a delicious new gelato flavor or walking past the Pantheon can be truly wonderful experiences. Studying abroad can also help you remember all the things at home that you particularly cherish. You might find that your mind drifts back to your favorite local coffee shop, or you may find yourself craving a particular meal that a family member cooks.

Study abroad students are exposed to brand new ideas, cultures and environments—and most would never trade the experience to stay home. It’s both a good reminder that there are wonderful new things to discover, and that there are cherished things waiting for you when you return.

Studying Abroad Makes You Stand Out in the Job Market

Not only can an experience studying abroad help you immerse yourself in another culture and gain an improved understanding of the outside world, but it can also make you look more desirable to employers. Mentioning your time abroad on your resume can demonstrate to prospective employers that you don’t mind stepping out of your comfort zone. It also helps to show that you have developed a more globalized perspective. You may even have picked up another language in the process!

Studying abroad can help set you up for career success

Studying abroad can help set you up for career success

Because studying abroad helps students develop resilience, independence, confidence, and many other soft skills, it’s something that many employers take note of when they see it on a resume. As a result, studying at our Rome university can be a great way for you to lay the foundation for future career success.

Personal Empowerment Comes from Pushing Your Boundaries

When boundaries are pushed both personally and geographically, you can become a stronger, more confident person. You will have to figure out certain daily necessities during your time abroad, which will help show you just how strong and capable you are. You will also see the kindness of others when you need to ask for help, which is an empowering experience in itself—you’ll realize that you can lean on others and be resourceful when you get a bit stuck.

This makes you a better student, as you may be inspired to ask more questions and immerse yourself further in the subjects that you truly care about. Empowered individuals are able to move towards goals, exploration, and discovery with purpose. Choosing to go abroad with your college studies is a great way to boost your personal development and ensure that you have the agency to get the most out of your academic career.

Connecting with and leaning on others during your time abroad is an empowering experience

Connecting with and leaning on others during your time abroad is an empowering experience

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