Staying Connected with JCU After Studying Abroad

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Like tossing a coin in the Trevi Fountain, being a JCU alumni increases the chances you’ll be back to Rome

The John Cabot University Alumni Association (JCUAA) was established in 1995. It has since helped former students of the John Cabot community stay connected with one another and keep them informed about University-related news. The Alumni Association is open to all former JCU students, visiting and degree-seeking, and currently includes over 10,000 members worldwide!

In the words of Alumni Association president Francesco Ruspoli, the mission of the JCUAA is to “contribute to strengthening the sense of community and pride among the over 10,000 JCU alumni throughout the world.” JCU values the importance of long-term connections, and its Alumni Association helps to maintain and nurture these relationships.

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What Are the Benefits of Getting my JCU Alumni ID Card After I Study in Italy?

After you complete you studies at JCU, you become eligible to apply for your Alumni ID card. You can use it to have access to different university resources such as the Frohring Library, the on-campus computer labs, and different recreational services and facilities.

Moreover, be sure to look out for stores with “JCU Friendly” stickers, where you can get discounts with your JCU Alumni ID.

It Doesn’t Matter If You Are Established Somewhere Far From JCU

JCU graduates are all around the globe. JCU’s Alumni Ambassadors are present in major cities all over the world. In the United States, there are Alumni Ambassadors in Washington, New York, California, and more. And in Europe, grads are established in London, Milan, Paris—the list goes on!

No matter where you find yourself after graduating from JCU, Alumni Ambassadors can help you stay connected and give you the information you need to know about university events and activities.

Stay Connected and Find Out What Classmates and Grads Are Doing

You can stay informed about what fellow JCU graduates are doing academically, professionally, and personally on the Alumni News Page. Some of our graduates are pursuing doctoral studies at important universities. Others are involved in developing groundbreaking programs and services, and one of our graduates recently earned the prestigious Princeton in Africa Fellowship!

JCU alumna Tariro Mzezewa is a travel reporter for the New York Times

JCU alumna Tariro Mzezewa is a travel reporter for the New York Times

After you leave John Cabot University, we want you to be able to experience the sense of pride we get when former students from our Rome university accomplish great things. We also want to celebrate your own achievements along with you as you set off on your career. Share your successes and achievements with us, and perhaps even inspire others to achieve their own goals.

Get Involved in the JCU Community After You Graduate

There are many ways to stay connected and get involved with John Cabot University and with other graduates after you finish your education. You can attend and even help organize alumni events and reunions around the world. You can also become an Alumni Ambassador if you would like to get more involved in current student recruitment and support. You can also advertise your business and offer job opportunities to members of the community.

As an alumni, you can register to be a guest speaker and share your experiences

As an alumni, you can register to be a guest speaker and share your experiences

If you’ve established yourself professionally and would like to help younger members of the community, you can even participate in JCU’s alumni-based mentoring program and help support young entrepreneurs by providing your own insights and advice.

Stay connected after you study in Italy.

Contact us to learn more about joining the JCUAA!

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