Spend a Summer Abroad Studying in Sunny Rome

If you’re struggling to figure out what to do this summer and you’d rather not just head back home and pick up another summer job, then maybe you should consider moving to Rome. No, it’s not as crazy as it sounds – John Cabot University offers two great summer sessions in its study abroad program, meaning you could live in the Eternal City while you study  in  an English language university in Italy.

Sunshine and Splendor

Italy is at its most beautiful in the summer, and Rome is no exception.  The city comes alive in the summer with people from all over the world enjoying the vibrant “Estate Romana” (Roman Summer) with hundreds of free outdoor concerts, art exhibits, and performances.Cycling the countryside, hiking the many gorgeous mountains and taking a dip in the crystal clear waters of nearby beaches are just some of the amazing perks you’ll get when you choose to study abroad in Italy.

There are also loads of great student activities available during summer sessions that will make it a breeze to meet others studying abroad. The broad range of activities includes everything from wine-tasting and cooking classes to weekend and day trips.

A Great Chance to Get Ahead

Not only will you be having the time of your life in the beautiful country of Italy, but embarking on a summer session at John Cabot University will also help you get ahead in your studies, and you could even graduate sooner. All your credits are fully transferable back to your home university, so you’ll not only get a great trip to study abroad in Rome, but you’ll be getting closer to that degree as well!

Two summer sessions are offered:

  • May 15th – June 21st
  • June 26th – August 2nd

John Cabot University offers two special Summer Institutes (Creative Writing and Literary Translation  in Summer Session I and International Communication in Summer II).

The  wealth of amazing courses offered includes International Diplomacy and the United Nations, International Environmental Politics, Introduction to Entrepreneurship, and Special Topics in Psychology: Stereotyping, Prejudice, and Discrimination.

There are also great scholarship opportunities available, ranging from $500 – $2,000.

Celebrated Professors

John Cabot University has the honor of  welcoming outstanding visiting professorsduring the summer..This year’s professors include Dr. Tracy Mitrano (Digital Media Culture), the Director of IT Policy and Institute for Computer Policy and Law at Cornell University; Professor Marco Rimanelli (International Diplomacy and the United Nations), Fulbright scholar, professor of International Studies at St. Leo’s University, and the author of seven books; and Professor Donald Winslow (Introduction to Photojournalism), who is currently the National Press Photographers Publications Editor, editing News Photographer magazine.

Visit John Cabot University’s admissions page for more information on how you could be soaking up both sun and knowledge in Rome this summer.

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