Roommates Becoming Travel Buddies: JCU Students Share Their Stories

Eleena enjoyed traveling with her new friends

Studying abroad at John Cabot University is a chance for many students to break out of their comfort zone and refresh their perspective on life. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity creates a space for growth and change within a safe and positive environment. The new independence and high-quality education found while studying at JCU are important parts of this, but so is the ability to meet other students and travel together.

Because of the ease of travel between different historic locations in Europe, many of those studying abroad at JCU capitalize on their experience by traveling to European cities. These voyages can be spaces for self-growth and reflection, and can also be great ways to bond with other students. Read on for three stories of JCU roommates who became traveling companions. 

Geraldine Glavis and Her Group of Strong, Independent Women 

Geraldine attended John Cabot University for the spring 2018 semester, where she worked on her major in government and pre-law. It was this Dorchester, Massachusetts’ student’s first time living in such an environment, and she was experiencing some nervousness about her newfound independence. Luckily, her home away from home was a comfortable place that dissipated her fears and brought her closer to the community around her.

Geraldine lived off-campus in an Italian-style apartment along with five other women, all of whom were students in universities from all over the United States. While living with these women, she became closer to them. Through their friendship and mutual support, she was able to learn how to adapt to new situations. “The girls I lived with were my greatest allies throughout my time in Rome.” Says Geraldine, adding that, “We traveled together, enjoyed every moment together, and most importantly supported each other.” 

Eleena Volk and Her New Best Friend 

Eleena’s opportunity to study in Italy occurred in the spring semester of 2018, when the Marlboro, New Jersey student packed her bags and boarded a plane to JCU. As a finance student, she was excited to take a combination of business classes and liberal arts classes in the stimulating environment of Rome. During her time at JCU, Eleena lived close to campus in the Gianicolo Residence, which came fully furnished and even granted access to a fitness center. 

It was at the residence that Eleena met her roommate, who very quickly became her best friend. Even after leaving JCU, the bond between these two young women remained. This bond was cemented by the travels they took together during their semester, to places all over Europe. “Some weekends, we traveled to places like the Amalfi Coast, Tuscany, Croatia, London, Budapest, and so on.” Says Eleena. “Other times,” she adds, “we picnicked at Circus Maximus, walked through the Roman Forum and Colosseum, and soaked up every aspect of our beautiful city.” Eleena and her former roommate still speak to each other every day and visit each other multiple times a year. “I genuinely cannot imagine life without her,” she says!

Danielle Milia and Her Traveling Community 

During the summer of 2019, Danielle Milia followed through on an opportunity to study in Rome. Traveling to the historic Italian center from Long Island, New York, the advertising and marketing communications major was excited to create new memories. Danielle spent much of her time at JCU with her roommates. “My four roommates and I became close,” she says. Danielle adds, “I made an amazing friend group at JCU. We decided to travel to numerous countries and cities together every weekend. We went to the Amalfi Coast, Paris, Mykonos, Venice, and Florence.”

The beautiful Trastevere neighborhood also immediately felt like home because of its community. “The Trastevere neighborhood immediately felt like home to me, and I knew I picked the right place to study abroad.” says Danielle. “I became a regular at some gelato shops, restaurants, and coffee shops, and it was amazing to experience what it is like to be a part of the community.” Danielle says that the memories and the companions she made through her travels will last a lifetime. “Trastevere is something I will cherish forever,” she adds, emphasizing that, “I had no idea that Rome would feel like home to me so quickly.”

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