Rome’s Best Spots for Studying Off-Campus

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When searching for that perfect study spot, most students have a checklist of requirements. Is it quiet enough to study? Is the setting inspirational? Is there food and drink for when I need to re-fuel? And typically at the top of this list, the golden question: is there free WiFi?

To make the process a little easier for students who are new to the city, we’ve picked out some of the best off-campus study zones across Rome. Whether you just need a change of scene, or are trying to avoid distractions while you buckle down to write a paper, here are some great options that should meet most of the requirements on your checklist.

Circus Café: A Creative Study Atmosphere

Just three minutes away from the popular Piazza Navona, tucked away among residential buildings, is Circus Café. Tailored to Rome’s younger student demographic, Circus Café is an ideal spot for dreaming up creative angles for your next essay, reading, or meeting with a team to talk over a group project. This café offers comfy, spacious seating (with a mix of couches and tables) and a warm, inviting atmosphere. Circus Café is known to serve great coffee, and offers inexpensive snacks. All this, along with free Wi-Fi, makes Circus Café the perfect off-campus work space for students who study abroad in Rome.

Biblioteca Angelica: For a Historical Ambience

Sometimes, the smell of old manuscripts provides just the right atmosphere to buckle down and write that Art History or Classics paper. The Biblioteca Angelica, established in 1604, contains 180,000 volumes of historical manuscripts, including the oldest known copy of Dante’s Divine Comedy.

This library is a haven for students looking to immerse themselves in an inspiring and reflective environment. Internet is available to everyone, and all you need to enter the library is a piece of current I.D.

Barnum Café: Ideal for Long Study Sessions

Finding an ideal study spot that also has great coffee and affordable, delicious food isn’t always easy, but Barnum Café manages to tick all the boxes! Located just across the Tiber from John Cabot University, Barnum Café is open early and closes late (2am!), which makes it the perfect location for essay writing sessions or buckling down on course readings. WiFi is free, and if coffee is your thing, Barnum is known to have one of the best cappuccinos around!

Roma-Wireless Provides Internet at Rome’s Best Locations

While studying indoors has its perks – such as comfy chairs, food, and charging outlets – venturing outside in Rome to work on assignments can offer unique advantages. One of these is Roma-Wireless, the free Wi-Fi service Rome provides at a range of hotspots around the city.

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John Cabot University student visiting Castel Sant’Angelo

If you’re going to do some field research on the Circo Massimo, or the Castel Sant’Angelo, you’ll be glad to know that public Wi-Fi is offered at these locations. This means that you can do online research on-site, right by the Roman ruin you are studying!

If you’d prefer to escape the crowds and study in the tranquility of nature, you can also access Wi-Fi in both Villa Doria Pamphili and Villa Ada, two of Rome’s largest parks. Luckily for students who study abroad in Italy, Villa Doria Pamphili is just a 20 minute walk from the John Cabot University campus!

Which spot on this list would you study at while attending university in Italy?

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