Remote and In-Person Internship Opportunities Available to You While You Study Abroad

At John Cabot University, the Center for Career Services offers internships for both degree-seeking and study abroad students. This office is available to help students locate an internship that’s uniquely suited to their needs, wants, and fields of interest. In these modern times, many of these opportunities will be possible to do remotely as well.

Studying abroad can present students with a brand new world replete with opportunities. To further add to the unique experience of studying in a foreign country, students can complete an internship. This can strengthen their learning experience in several ways and grant them useful practical skills. Read on for some examples of the opportunities available. 

Internships in Arts, Culture, and Education

The arts, culture, and education sectors are just some of the fields that JCU students can work in during an internship. Part-time internships are available through a variety of businesses. For example, you could secure a position in photography and videography at a travel start-up or get a placement at an art gallery. 

Students might also be able to register to work with an art and history research foundation, where they can conduct research on specific areas of Rome, gathering and presenting both historical and contemporary information. They could also work with an art and architecture consulting group, where they can gather informational materials, edit and draft documents, assist graphic designers, and communicate with authors and editors. 

Teach for Italy is one organization that students who study in Italy at JCU have the opportunity to work with, and CEO Andrea Pastorelli is quick to tout the mutual benefits of internships. “We have been able to recruit outstanding young professionals as interns, who have supported the organization in research, communications, social media, and development.” 

Internships in Business, Entrepreneurship, and Finance

Internships can also be taken in the fields of business, entrepreneurship, and finance. Business-minded young professionals can attain practical on-the-ground experience, boost their CV, and establish connections with others in the field. At JCU, internships are available at various companies, such as in website and business administration at a travel startup, with a social entrepreneurship network, with a consulting firm, and with a financial consulting group. 

Morrow Sodali is a well-known company that provides advice and shareholder services to global corporate clients. It has worked with JCU interns in the past, and its CEO Alvise Recchi has praised past interns and their ability to learn: “We have been able to count on resourceful and proactive interns who have supported our teams efficiently and have shown their capacity to adapt to a new challenging environment.” 

Internships Available in Communications and Marketing

Students who study abroad at John Cabot University can sign up for internships that provide them with invaluable experience in the communications and marketing sectors. At JCU, students have plenty of opportunities to choose from. For example, you could decide between the opportunity to work in a travel startup in social media marketing and blogging, at a food and beverage company in digital marketing, with a wedding and event planner, and more. 

Kelly Burke is a student from Michigan who studied abroad at JCU during the spring semester of 2019. While attending school, she enrolled in an internship with a sports travel company as a social media coordinator. “The internship provided me with professional experience that I will always cherish,” Kelly reflects. “It challenged me to be organized, responsible, creative, and adaptable.” 

Internships in Politics, NGOs, Healthcare, Psychology, and International Affairs

The opportunities for internships at JCU are nearly limitless, with positions available through a broad range of fields to suit any student’s personal and professional interests. Students could take an internship with a healthcare organization, an NGO’s psychological department, or an international health education institution. They could also take a position with a humanitarian organization, a children’s rights organization, or a European news agency. There are plenty of positions available. 

The Italian Network of the Anna Lindh Foundation is one organization that JCU has partnered with. Claudia Sosai, the Assistant Coordinator for the network, reflects on what their internships provided students. “We offered our interns the possibility to put their studies into practice, as well as to test their interpersonal and problem-solving skills,” she says of the opportunity. 

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