Religion and Global Politics in Rome

It’s hard to mention Rome without immediately thinking of its historical importance and immense contributions to the advancement and development of civilization. Rome is unique as both the capital city of one of the most powerful, classical models of politics from antiquity and the global seat of the Roman Catholic Church, where popes have sat on the throne of St. Peter’s for nearly two thousand years. There is no city in the world where politics and religion have met and mixed for such an enduring length of time. Studying religion and global politics in Rome a deeply fascinating and rewarding enterprise, one that John Cabot University has made into  a reality.

Summer Graduate Studies in Religion and Global Politics

Integrating Rome’s longstanding history with both global politics and religion, John Cabot University has crafted a highly specialized Graduate Studies in Religion and Global Politics program for summer students. Running from May 19th to June 20th this year, students who study abroad in Rome at John Cabot University and other international students in Italy will have the chance to immerse themselves in the amazing and multifaceted world of politics and religion at John Cabot University.

The summer session will feature amazing lectures by incredible professors and instructors, visits to historic sites and much more. It’s not only a great opportunity to see all that Rome has to offer, but also learn about historically important events and concepts in the realms of politics and religion. You’ll get a chance to explore Rome, its role in politics and religion, and then examine the larger global context as well.

The complexity of this subject will be analyzed at a two-day international conference on “Rethinking Political Catholicism: Empirical and Normative Perspectives,” that will be held on May 22nd and 23rd at John Cabot University. There will be visiting scholars from throughout Italy, Europe and the U.S. and a discussion on new research concerning the normative relations between Catholicism and liberal democracy as well as new and emerging socio-political trends in Political Catholicism in contemporary Europe and the United States.

Seminar on Religion and Global Politics

One of the highlights of the Religion and Global Politics summer program is the Seminar on Religion and Global Politics. The seminar is constructed to help students understand the influence religion has on global politics, and gives students a chance to explore the complex and intricate relationship between the two. Divided into three distinct parts, each is taught by a professor who adopts a different disciplinary perspective. The three parts consist of legal, empirical and normative. Each part explores the complicated relationship between religion and politics in a different context, with the aim of giving students a higher level of understanding of a complex topic.

If you’re curious about the historical and ongoing interactions between religion in politics, this program is an excellent way to propel you on the path to a rewarding career in the field while you study in Italy. Applications are due on April 15th, so check out our website for more information before it’s too late!


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