Reasons for Taking Italian Studies in Rome

Reasons for Taking Italian Studies in Rome, study abroad in Rome, American university in Italy, learning Italian, jcu Italian studiesOne of the main reasons people travel is to explore a different culture, learn a new language, and develop a richer appreciation for human diversity. Travelers tend to love immersing themselves in their destination, meeting locals, participating in tradition. It’s all part of gaining an authentic sense of a new place – its people and history.

If you’ve decided to study abroad in Italy and have a passion for cultural exploration, there’s no better place to begin than John Cabot’s Italian Studies program. Living in Rome, you’ll study the country’s fascinating history and see it up close – the city is full of iconic monuments that will complement readings and lectures. Plus, as your Italian improves, you’ll be better equipped to blend in and take advantage of opportunities not afforded to tourists who don’t speak the language.

Here are few more reasons to consider Italian Studies at John Cabot:

One Program: Many Field of Study

You’ll never be bored in the Italian Studies program. You will explore the country’s history from multiple perspectives – from literature and society in ancient Rome, to Mussolini and the modern republic. There are plenty of electives to choose from, including Italian Cinema and Modern Drama, along with a selection of art history courses. And because John Cabot is a liberal arts university in Italy, the program combines an Italian focus with the development of core communication and critical thinking skills. It’s the best of both worlds: improve your Italian while you polish your English.

Opens Doors and Diverse Opportunities

The sheer scope of the Italian Studies program makes it an ideal companion to multiple other pursuits, like, a position in the tourism industry, journalism, and international business. Students often combine Italian studies with another major – such as Communications, Humanistic Studies, and Art History. Plus, students in the program develop a working knowledge of Italian, which gives them unique access to internships and networking opportunities unavailable to study abroad students who can’t speak the language.

Pursue Your Passion

Chances are, you traveled to Rome because you’re interested in Italy; its historical significance, architectural beauty, fabulous fashion. Whatever your passion, Italian studies allows you room to explore. Under the guidance of a John Cabot University faculty member, students may choose their own focus for the senior thesis. Italian Studies examines both ancient and modern eras of Italy, preparing students with enough general knowledge to zero-in on a topic that is truly meaningful to them. And living on-site means having access to primary documents, tours of locations you’re currently investigating, and indeed the opportunity to travel across the country in pursuit of both research and inspiration.

What aspect of Italy would you most love to learn about and experience?

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