The Quietest Places for you to Decompress when you Study Abroad in Rome

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Rome is an exciting city to explore and live in. The charged environment is invigorating and inspiring, giving you energy for your studies. Once in a while, you may have an urge to get away from the crowds and spend some quiet time alone or with a friend. There’s no shortage of places to recharge your batteries in Rome, while checking something off your must-see or must-do list at the same time. Whether you’d like to get some new reading material or take a walk through one of the beautiful corners of Rome, read on to find the perfect tranquil spot for you.

Take a break at a Little Bookshop while You Attend University in Rome

Reading for pleasure and the hunt for good books can be equally good for the soul. There are quite a few shops in Rome that have English books, both within a 5-10 minute walk from either Tiber or Guarini campus.

The Open Door Bookshop is over 40 years old and features a variety of used books in English, French, and Italian, stocked with fiction, cookbooks, memoirs, and more. Studying abroad at a university in Rome affords you a unique opportunity to access materials in Italian. Choose one to practice your language skills or grab a novel to escape into on quiet nights.

The Almost Corner Bookshop is an independent English bookstore that is not at the corner of its street, but almost! Word has it that the bookshop was on the corner at one point in time, without the word “almost” in its title. This is another packed store that you can slowly browse while you decompress.

Browsing through books is a great way to relax and pick up a few treasures for yourself

Browsing through books is a great way to relax and pick up a few treasures for yourself

Get some sun and Enjoy the Trees at Villa Ada

Villa Ada is one of the biggest parks in Rome. It’s full of dwarf palms, metasequoia, cypresses, and pines, filling visitors with green energy and fresh air. It’s even referred to as a “green lung” of the city for its refreshing powers. It has a beautiful artificial lake, and visitors can rent canoes or bicycles, or even ride horses! If you need a moment to blow off steam, you can hit a jogging trail or use the outdoor calisthenics gym equipment.

Throughout the summer, Rome’s world music festival, Roma Incontra il Mondo, fills the park with music. Each evening the festival area provides food and drink with performances against the beautiful nature backdrop.

Take a Moment to Enjoy the Tiber when you Study Abroad in Rome

The Lungotevere bike path cuts through the city and runs right past campus, available for spontaneous moments of respite. The path allows you to enjoy the Tiber River, as it runs along the shore. This river played an important role in the growth of Roman Civilization, providing sustenance, protection, and trade routes. Not a bad place to take a moment on your journey when you study abroad in Rome, reflecting on your experiences and goals!

Ponte Sisto marks the beginning of Kentridge’s art piece, made with the help of JCU students.

Ponte Sisto marks the beginning of Kentridge’s art piece, made with the help of JCU students.

Enormous works of art line the river from Ponte Sisto to Ponte Mazzini, featuring Roman images of political and mythological and artistic figures. The artist, South African William Kentridge, worked with JCU students to gather images of Rome’s history, art, and journalism to create a timeline from which he could draw. Don’t miss this piece of both Roman and JCU history.

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