Political Events that will Rock the Global Marketplace in 2015

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Student pursuing a degree in Rome are well-positioned to watch some of today’s most highly publicized political trends play out on the global stage. Developments like Greece’s recent elections and new approaches to Eurozone austerity are followed from no better place than within the Eurozone itself.  From the American presidential race to the emergence of fascinating new frontier markets, 2015 is sure to provide much food for thought – particularly for students considering careers in international affairs, politics, business, and communications! After all, today’s students understand that as the world grows increasingly interconnected, local decision-making often has a global impact.

Hillary Clinton’s Potential Presidential Bid

Students who study International Affairs at an American university in Rome are likely keeping a close eye on current politics in the US, and the buzz around who will run for president in 2016. Journalists and pundits have made their predictions about who will run – and one of the most debated and discussed is surely Hillary Rodham Clinton – former First Lady, Senator, and Secretary of State.

Students are no doubt speculating about how a first female American president might influence perceptions of gender and power around the world – not to mention disrupt a traditionally male dominated political structure in the United States. There is also much discussion of how Hillary Clinton might address major issues such as the rising cost of post-secondary education and the need for new jobs across the country – hot topics that have many undergraduates paying close attention to this upcoming presidential race.

Political Instability in the Eurozone

Students who study political science in Italy have a front-and-center view of ongoing political instability in Greece. Austerity measures brought on by the Eurozone crisis led to dozens of anti-austerity protests in Athens, and the election of an anti-austerity party, which some predict will force Greece out of the Eurozone altogether. Finance experts from ,f the world’s most powerful economies meet in Istanbul this week for the G20 summit, where Greece’s fate, and that of the Eurozone, may well be decided. One thing is for certain – political science students in Rome will put their analytical skills to good use debating and predicting the future of European markets!

Opening of New Frontier Markets

Students who study abroad in Italy have a passion for travel and adventure. After graduation, many students seek out careers which allow them to explore the world while doing what they love. In 2015, International Business students may set their sights on more far-flung destinations than ever before, as the global economy embraces a brand new set of frontier markets – developing countries on their way to becoming hot spots for investment and economic growth.

Before they became the powerful emerging markets they are today, countries like China, India and Brazil were all considered frontier markets. The latest frontier contenders include the United Arab Emirates, Argentina, Pakistan, and Vietnam. Today’s marketing, communications and business students are more focused than ever on building a global skill-set. Over the next several years, learning multiple languages, international networking, and an awareness of diverse cultures will become increasingly valuable as graduates venture forth into the frontier.

Which of these political events do you think will impact your future career?

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