Performing Arts at John Cabot University: Creativity, Collaboration, Connection

The mark of a truly progressive university, one which boasts a thriving student body and an engaged faculty, is its dedication to supporting student interests outside of the lecture hall. Post-secondary education is about more than attending classes and studying for exams. For many students, it is a time of self-discovery through the exploration of a wide variety of interests. At John Cabot University, one of the finest American universities in Italy, we encourage students to broaden their horizons beyond the scope of their academic curriculum. The university supports dance, drama, and music programs open to students of all ability levels – encouraging participants to develop new skills while enriching social connections.

So you think you can dance?

Don’t worry, you don’t need to be an expert to enroll in a dance class at John Cabot University.  Open to beginners as well as more advanced students, the atmosphere is more high-energy fun than high-stakes competition. A variety of dance classes are offered each semester so if you’ve decided to study abroad for a just a term or two, you will still have an opportunity to get involved. Current options include Belly Dancing, Salsa and Hip Hop, and include both basic introductions to form and choreography as well as more advanced techniques.

All the world’s a stage

Are you a student of International Business with a secret longing to write and direct? An English Literature enthusiast with a knack for set design? A lover of marketing who dreams of curtain calls and standing ovations? John Cabot University boasts a thriving drama collective, from classical to contemporary to musical theater. The Theater Society offers instruction in acting technique, lectures on the historical evolution of the art, and detailed analysis of major works. The Drama Club focuses on the intersection of acting and music, and welcomes students interested in costuming and set design. Both groups stage productions at the end of each semester.

Play it loud!

If you’ve chosen to study abroad in Italy, you’ve arrived at the scene of some of the greatest moments in music history. And whether interests lean toward classical or something a bit more contemporary, students will find a place to express their artistic abilities.  The John Cabot Chamber Orchestra, open to both amateurs and professional musicians stages performances in many venues in and around Rome. The John Cabot University community also hosts regular talent shows and Open Mic events where musicians can showcase talents across a range of styles.  The Open Mic nights are often organized to draw attention and support toward humanitarian and social issues – so while you’re enjoying the spotlight, you’ll also be contributing to a noble cause. Like all of John Cabot University’s performing arts opportunities, one need not be an expert – the focus is on supporting creativity, collaboration and helping students discover their inner artist.

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