New Year’s Resolutions for JCU Students

JCU New Year Rome, New Year’s Resolutions for university students, study abroad in Rome, italy, Two thousand some-odd years ago, a citizen of Rome could walk the known land and simply state, “Civus Romanus.”  “I am a citizen of Rome.” So well-known was that great empire that simply stating you lived there inspired fear into any who may have caused you harm during travel.  In present day, Rome’s glories and wondrous works of art, literature, and drama are so obvious that perhaps you have overlooked some treasures while in class; some fascinating, some recognized world-over as icons of beauty.  In the coming year as you study abroad in Italy, here are some ideas and attractions worth devoting your time to – both on and off campus.

Check out Major Landmarks

While studying at an American university in Rome, don’t forget to check out some of the city’s most famous tourist sites.  If you haven’t already, immerse yourself in the wonders of the Sistine Chapel or the Colosseum – it won’t be hard to find partners to sightsee with you, and let’s face it, you can’t go back home without seeing these famous relics!

Eat Like an Italian

Naturally, to study in Italy means to eat in Italy.  Noted chef and TV personality Anthony Bourdain once wrote of Rome, Ideally, you visit Rome slowly. You sit, you stroll, you take it slow and as it comes. You don’t go to see stuff, you let it slip up on you – one piazza, one fountain, one amazing structure at a time.”

In a way, that’s how the food works, as well.  With dishes upon dishes of entrées and pastas.  Rest assured, there’s plenty of food.  Save room, however, as typical daily meals often involve laboriously prepared snacks such as porchetta – an entire deboned pig stuffed with herbs and spices. Sampling local and traditional cuisine is a great way to really get inside Rome, and experience firsthand this rich and ancient culture.

Get Involved on Campus

No matter your interest, John Cabot University has a creative outlet for you! Perhaps you’ve been longing to act in a play, or take part in a musical theater production – now’s the time to check out the Theater Society or Drama Club. In fact, John Cabot has a club or organization for just about everything so take your pick and jump right in. Build connections with your fellow students and make memories that will last long after you’ve graduated. Trying something new and pushing past your comfort zone is what travelling and studying overseas is all about. And what better time to take that leap than at the start of a brand new year!

What are you resolved to do this New Year while in Rome?

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