New Year’s Resolution…Become a Global Citizen in 2014!

Do more than just dream about living overseas by making it part of your New Year’s resolution to become a global citizen in 2014. Because if not now, then when? Once graduation is over and the climb up the career ladder begins, living overseas in complete cultural immersion is a privilege that many won’t have the time for. Many students dream about one day spending part of their lives living in a foreign country. You can easily turn this dream into reality by  study abroad.

Studying internationally allows students to become familiar with globalization as a fact of life and the necessity of being able to culturally adapt to this changing world. From being able to interact with those of a different culture, to being able to speak more than one language, these skills are part of the tools that are necessities when becoming a global citizen. As an American university in Rome, John Cabot allows you to study in the heart of the ancient capital and one of the main European capital cities without having to master Italian language skills. Studying in an English-speaking university in Italy allows students the opportunity to immerse themselves in another culture while working towards their degree. They thus become more tolerant and respectful toward other cultures and customs, which translates into their general worldview.

But that is not all. Thanks to their time at John Cabot, our graduates feel at home wherever they happen to find themselves.  Studying abroad has usually helped them build skills and abilities that allow them to become active and to contribute to the society at large. They are well-rounded leaders who can gracefully manage new situations and new people. Many multinational employers look for employees who are adaptable, flexible and globally aware team members able to interact with others effectively in increasingly international work environments. By making one of your resolutions for 2014 a reality through studying abroad, you will embark upon an enriching experience that will be a priceless investment for your future.

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