New Digital Media Lab Enhances Communications Program

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The intersection between communication and technology has made the world smaller than ever before, while simultaneously opening up routes to new realms of creativity and innovation. A rapidly evolving repertoire of tech tools is changing the way we interface with our world, make connections, and express ourselves. Digital media is riding the crest of the innovation wave, making the development and production of new concepts more accessible than ever. With the right software, the possibilities are endless!

And that’s why John Cabot University has invested in a brand new digital media lab. We understand how much participation in new media depends on having the right tools – and we want our degree-seeking and study abroad Communications students to enjoy full access to the latest innovations. Take a look at how the new lab is changing the face of Communications at our university:

The New Lab!

The new media lab boasts twelve 22-inch iMac computers featuring Final Cut Pro X, Logic Pro X, and a wide variety of editing software. John Cabot University has everything one needs to make music, videos, learn about editing, and design cutting-edge websites.

Integrating Technology

If you’ve come to study in Italy, chances are you’re an explorer by nature. You like to discover and share new ideas; you embrace challenge. The new media lab is designed to support and foster that spirit – part of its mission is to facilitate the integration of technology across the communications curriculum. The lab will be a technology learning hub, a place where both faculty and students can discover how digital tools enhance and extend learning. While the Communications program is anchored by the study of theory, history, and culture, students also have the opportunity to study cinema, photography, graphic design, and media management. The new lab facilities will bring those explorations to life as students learn how to manipulate the same tools used by industry professionals.

Expert Leadership

Admittedly, there may be some students for whom the decision to study abroad in Rome was adventurous enough – learning complicated sounding software on top of such a big move seems a little much! Never fear. The media lab’s coordinator, Professor Brian Thomson is a patient and enthusiastic coach. With more than 20 years of experience, Professor Thomson has been involved in film production in both the US and Europe, and can’t wait to initiate new digital projects for John Cabot Communications students. It’s a perfect time to learn about our new tech tools and how to use them. In the coming months, Professor Thomson has plans to develop a web-based university television station, and wants to initiate new projects with JCU’s Film, Media, and Communication Society. Come visit the lab and see how you can get involved.

What digital projects interest you most?

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