Learning How To Cook Italian Food With Authentic Italian Cooking Classes

Whether it’s pizza, pasta, risotto, lasagna or one of the hundreds of other amazing mouth watering dishes, the Italians really know how to eat. Italian food is globally renowned as some of the most exquisite food there is. Pizza and pasta alone are necessities for just about every student around the world! So if you’re going to study abroad in Rome, you’d better take that opportunity to find out how to cook Italian. Imagine if your friends and family find out you came back without knowing how to make them a scrumptious cacio e pepe, or even knowing what it is? Follow our tips below and you’ll make the most of your opportunity in the Eternal City.


Sample the Local Fare

What’s the first step to cooking great Italian food? Eating great Italian food! When you’re at an American English language university in Italy, take advantage by scoping out several local eateries and sampling what they’re cooking up. We’re not just talking about a slice from the nearest pizza joint. Look for down-home, family-style Italian places to try some great pastas and antipasti and really get a feel for what the food is all about. People will be overjoyed if you ask them about their cooking – it’s a very family-oriented culture in Italy, and chances are they’ll love to tell you all about it.

Instead of sticking with classics that you already know, get creative and order things on the menu that you’ve never heard of. In addition to these unexpected dishes, the North American conception of Italian food is definitely not the same as real Italian food – you’ll be plenty surprised when you order carbonara and discover it’s not filled to the brim with cream.

JCU’s very own Tiber Cafe is an excellent place to find a variety of Italian dishes, in a welcoming atmosphere where you will immediately feel at home. If you are craving American comfort food, no worries, you’ll find it at the Tiber Cafe too!

Cooking Classes

Once you’ve gotten a handle on what Italian food can be and taste like, you’ll be ready to embark on a culinary journey and learn the ways of preparing authentic, delectable Italian cuisine. It just so happens that John Cabot University offers amazing cooking classes for international students in Italy. For a small fee, you’ll be able to join celebrated chef Andrea Consoli and learn a wealth of secrets real Italian cuisine. You’ll be preparing a lavish four course meal with all organic ingredients completely from scratch. The menu changes with each class, so don’t hesitate to try it more than once.

The classes take place at the new culinary school “Cooking Classes in Rome” located on Via dei Fienaroli, 5 (Trastevere). Not only is it an amazing way to learn the ins and outs of proper Italian cooking, but it’s also a great way to meet new people who are interested in the same things as you are! Italian Chef Andrea Consoli is fluent in English, and you’ll even be provided with the English recipes for the dishes you’ll be making.

It’s a perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in Italian culture, meet new likeminded friends and learn how to cook the best pasta on the planet, and it couldn’t be simpler. Check out John Cabot University’s Activities and Trips page for more information on when the next class will be.

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