How Joining or Creating Clubs Can Help You Make the Most of Your Time at JCU

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If you’re looking for a new way to experience university abroad in Rome, joining a club might just be your ticket! Being in a student club, or creating one of your own, can be one of the most enriching and rewarding parts of your time in university. John Cabot University offers students a number of different clubs and organizations to be a part of, including Business Club, Newspaper Club, Art History Society, Theatre Society, and Model United Nations—to name a few.

Regardless of what you’re looking for out of them, being part of a student club, group, organization, or society can add a new sense of purpose and excitement to your life at JCU. In other words, they’re much more than simply a way of using up your spare time after class. Here’s how you can take full advantage of your time studying abroad by joining or creating school clubs.

Joining and Creating Clubs Can Pay Dividends for Your Social Life

It goes without saying that being part of a student club can help introduce you to many fellow students you otherwise may not have crossed paths with, and with whom you have shared interests and hobbies. Being able to meet a number of other people united by a common interest can add a lot to your social life at JCU. If the club is related to the career you want after graduation, and involves people who can help become valuable connections for you on a professional level, that’s an added bonus!

Being a part of clubs can not only boost your social life, but it can help you professionally as well

Being a part of clubs can not only boost your social life, but it can help you professionally as well

Being Part of Clubs Can Help You Develop Many Important Life Skills

Student clubs’ benefits aren’t simply limited to how many friends you might make in them—they can help you grow as an individual, too. Those who join or create clubs can learn skills like teamwork, leadership, problem-solving, and time management—all of which are transferable skills for when/if you have a leadership role at a company one day. More specifically, joining clubs and gaining life experience through them can help to further show you what it means to learn, grow, and make mistakes before entering the real world after your degree. Clubs and societies can also be a lesson in empathy, as sharing experiences with fellow students can teach you about how to better understand the feelings, goals, and desires of others. In any case, clubs at JCU can help students make meaningful contributions based on the life skills they can learn within them.

Clubs Can Give Students Newfound Motivation and Purpose

Sometimes, people can start or join clubs on topics they may not necessarily know much about, but have always had a sense of curiosity for. Even if you aren’t an expert in topics like fashion, film, or social justice, clubs and societies present an opportunity for you to explore various interests. What’s more, you can be surrounded by people with similar motivations and goals in life, giving you a sense of drive to do more and be more. Clubs are one of the many things that help JCU stand out among American colleges in Italy, and they can instill a new sense of drive and motivation in students—proof that a university experience is far more than what you learn in a classroom.

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