JCU’s Institute for Creative Writing and Literary Translation Welcomes Andrew Cotto

study abroad opportunities, JCU's Institute for Creative Writing and Literary Translation Welcomes Andrew Cotto, jcu creative writing, study abroad in Rome, American university in Italy, At John Cabot University in Rome, we love to encourage the reading and writing of great literature from around the world. Literature speaks volumes about the world in a way that can captivate and change lives, and nurturing that is one of the most important things a university can do. John Cabot University’s Institute for Creative Writing and Literary Translation is dedicated to just that.

Aside from the many writing and translation workshops offered throughout the year, it also plays host to celebrated authors, allowing them to share their knowledge and empower others. This year, the Institute for Creative Writing and Literary Translation is proud to welcome author Andrew Cotto to the John Cabot University community and give our international students in Italy a chance to glean all they can from him.

About Andrew Cotto

Andrew Cotto is a novelist and teacher hailing from Brooklyn, New York, who has also penned articles for the New York Times, the Huffington Post, Salon, Men’s Journal and many more. He has written two novels: the Domino Effect, a coming-of-age story about a teenager from Queens, New York; and Outerborough Blues, a gritty, neo-noir mystery novel dealing with family and urban gentrification. Cotto received a BA in Literature from Lynchburg College and possesses an MFA in Creative Writing from the New School.

Cotto has long been enriching minds and supporting writing talents by leading creative writing workshops and teaching composition courses, fostering the writing abilities of everyone from teenagers to senior citizens. He spent a year in Italy shortly after the birth of his daughter, learning Italian and writing his first novel.

Andrew Cotto at John Cabot University

Cotto is currently at John Cabot University teaching a travel writing class to students and also organizing and participating in a few readings. He will be reading a selection of his works on July 9th in the Aula Magna Regina on the Guarini Campus.

The second reading conducted by Cotto will feature selections from students of thetravel writing course he is teaching at John Cabot University. This will take place July 22nd at 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm on the Secchia Terrace, Guarini Campus. Both readings are open to the public and it is requested that attendees bring a photo ID.

John Cabot University is proud to have talented writers like Andrew Cotto share their unique insights with our community. Our study abroad students benefit not only from the stimulating setting of Rome, but from the dedicated instructors and guests who are committed to enriching the student experience.

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