Is Your Child Planning to Study in Italy? We Take Your Son or Daughter’s Safety Seriously!

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Current JCU students welcome new arrivals at the 2015 fall orientation

Most parents dream of offering their child the best possible university education. They want opportunities for their child to excel academically, grow personally, and explore the wider world around them. And for their part, students are eager for unique experiences, new friends, and the chance to flex their independence.

Few post-secondary options satisfy all of these desires quite so completely as studying abroad. Attending university abroad truly opens up a world of new ideas and experiences for young people. However, the prospect for adventure is almost always accompanied by parents’ instinctive concerns about safety.

At John Cabot University (JCU) we understand how important is it for parents to feel secure in sending their child to study in Italy. Read on to discover three ways we take your son or daughter’s safety just as seriously as you do!

Safety is a Top Priority

Rome is widely regarded as a relatively safe place in which to live, with less crime than most large cities in the United States. However, that doesn’t mean universities in Rome don’t make campus and student housing security a top priority.

Both JCU campuses are located in the center of Rome. Police presence is high and there are regular patrols to ensure students’ safety—both on and off school grounds.

There are professional guards stationed at every entrance of JCU’s campuses and student housing buildings, and the university stays in regular contact with the US Embassy and the Italian Police.

The security presence at JCU is carefully designed to reassure, not intimidate our students. This is a place where they can relax, learn, and have fun, knowing their safety has been well provided for.

jcu fall orientation, john cabot university, rome, study in italy, study abroad safety, staying safe when moving abroad, university students safety, JCU tiber campus

JCU’s Tiber campus offers beautiful, enclosed courtyards where students can relax, socialize, and study

Well-Established Emergency Protocols

In the event of suspicious or threatening behavior, or an actual emergency, John Cabot University students can rely on a number of university-provided resources, including:

  • A 24/7 emergency phone number listed on the back of each student identification card
  • Direct email access to the Assistant Dean of Students for Health, Wellbeing, and Conduct (to ask questions or report a problem)
  • Detailed emergency response procedures for a wide range of scenarios, made available to all students during Orientation
  • Prompt emergency updates and instructions from JCU to all students through the website homepage, social media channels, and our emergency notification system
  • Prompt emails and SMS to many of the home universities and study abroad providers who work with JCU, with information and directed actions in case of emergency

University-Supervised Trips & Activities for Students Who Study in Italy

Students are naturally drawn to universities in Italy for the country’s rich history and vibrant culture. The capital city of Rome offers virtually endless possibilities for sight-seeing, shopping, people-watching, and dining. And its surrounding areas are equally attractive to visiting students.

JCU offers many ways for students to explore Italy with the guidance and supervision of university staff. We regularly hold classes on site at historical and cultural landmarks, giving students a chance to explore the city safely, with teachers and classmates.  The JCU Cultural Program arranges a wide range of activities and trips both in and around Rome, carefully planned and supervised by university staff. This month alone, students can choose from trips to Tuscany, hiking and caving in Sapri, and Italian cooking classes led by an expert Italian chef.

jcu fall orientation, john cabot university, rome, study in italy, study abroad safety, staying safe when moving abroad, university students safety, JCU tiber campus, pasta making class, jcu hosted cooking class, jcu student life

Students learn traditional Italian pasta-making at a JCU-hosted cooking class

Whether your child is on campus, in residence, exploring Rome, or adventuring in surrounding areas, you can rest assured that JCU has made detailed provisions for their safety. We welcome you to visit the Office of Student Health, Wellbeing, and Conduct to learn more.

Are you considering sending your child abroad to study humanities in Italy?

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