The Importance of Having an International Network, and How You Can Build One While Studying Abroad in Italy

At John Cabot University, students from 70+ different countries are able to build and diversify their networks by studying in an international and globalized learning environment. While studying abroad or earning your degree at JCU, you’ll have many opportunities to expand your network.

As a student, you’ll be able to engage and connect with professionals through various courses, seminars, and events hosted at JCU. For example, you can expand your network by attending events hosted by JCU’s Center for Career Services, Institute for Entrepreneurship (IFE), Guarini Institute for Public Affairs, academic departments, and student-led clubs. Read on to learn why growing your personal network is important, and how JCU can help you establish it. 

Improve Cultural Competency 

One of the most beneficial impacts of having an established international network is getting an insider’s perspective on the customs, laws, and attitudes of different regions of the world. By attending the events offered by JCU’s Guarini Institute for Public Affairs, you can learn and network with politicians and political scientists who are active within their fields. For example, the Guarini Institute’s Advisory Council is full of international politicians and diplomats who often host online events. These events are a great way to build your network in Europe and beyond. 

International connections can help you reach an understanding as to differences in corporate cultures and market cultures between your region and the other regions of the world. Having a locally-situated connection can help you fathom the prospective clients, colleagues, and partners of that area. An international connection can help you approach a more intimate understanding of the regulations and documentation needed to conduct business in that area in case you ever want to enter that region after studying at an English speaking university in Italy

Develop International Connections 

Though we live in a world where you can stay up to date on the international news cycle and informed of happenings in the far corners of the world, having a deeper perspective of faraway occurrences can be challenging. This is where an international network can be most helpful. 

JCU’s Center for Career Services often organizes in-person and virtual events featuring international professionals who share these tips and tricks with students. In addition, the Center for Career Services at JCU organizes career fairs every semester. Participating in JCU’s Center for Career Services events, seminars, and lessons can help you build connections with future employers.

With an established international network, your professional potential can grow exponentially. Staying connected with other professionals across the globe can give you an intimate look at new lucrative opportunities that arise in other locations. These connections can also give you chances to collaborate with other professionals, build new supply chains or partnerships, and pierce foreign markets. You can start establishing these international connections while you study abroad in Italy

How to Build Your Network While You Study Abroad in Italy 

Establishing and building an international network while abroad can help you advance your professional reputation and future careers in unprecedented ways. It can assist you in understanding the work cultures of other places, staying aware of opportunities, and feeling enriched as you learn new things and meet exciting people.

At JCU, there are many ways to get involved and build your network. Getting involved with JCU’s Insitute for Entrepreneurship‘s (IFE) hands-on events and speaker series is a great way to build connections with successful entrepreneurs and mentors. For example, you can participate in the Weekend of Startups hosted by IFE and connect with professionals from well-known companies and startups. The opportunities to build your network at JCU while abroad are endless.

Beyond connecting with colleagues and classmates inside the classroom, there are many opportunities through which students can foster relationships. While attending school, you can participate in activities such as events hosted at JCU to grow your own connections with international professionals. Taking advantage of all that JCU has to offer is the best way to build your network while studying abroad or earning your American-accredited degree in the Eternal City.

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