How the Study Abroad Experience Makes You A Stronger Leader

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Studying abroad in Italy helps students become the leaders of tomorrow

Individuals capable of genuinely inspiring and motivating others are quite rare. Being a strong leader is about much more than knowing how to organize and give orders; it’s about understanding how to connect and communicate with diverse people, toward a common goal.

No matter which study path you take – business, finance, diplomacy, art history – the ability to demonstrate true leadership can help launch your career, and sustain success over the long term. It’s a key ingredient to networking effectively, impressing hiring managers, and rallying support on the job.

Rather than relying on the more authoritarian approaches of the past, today’s top leaders are independent thinkers with the vision, courage, and empathy needed to gain their team’s respect.

How does studying abroad help strengthen those qualities? Let’s find out.

An International Learning Environment Builds Cultural Awareness

Managers today often work with employees and clients from many different cultural backgrounds. They might need to coordinate with a client in another country, negotiate with a supplier on another continent, and motivate employees who come from diverse walks of life.

Globalization has engendered a new respect for cross-cultural collaboration. Employees from different backgrounds can offer creative solutions to problems, and promote growth by offering fresh ideas from new angles.

In order to facilitate this kind of fruitful collaboration though, leaders must have a keen sense of cultural awareness. They must understand and respect different traditions and points of view, and recognize that decision-making isn’t always “my way or the highway.”

Whether you’re attending business school in Italy or studying art history in Rome, you’ll work with classmates from all over the globe, in one of the world’s most diverse cities.

The relationships you build and the experiences you have will go a long way toward enriching your sense of cultural awareness, and openness to new ideas. These are gifts that will keep on giving, throughout your entire career.

Study abroad, Study abroad in Italy, How the Study Abroad Experience Makes You A Stronger Leader, Reasons to study abroad, John cabot university graduation ceremony,

John Cabot University hosts students from over 50 different countries!

Study Abroad Students Get Comfortable Tackling New Challenges

As study abroad students know, living and studying in another country is a good hands-on way to get comfortable with change. Studying abroad can be a hugely rewarding experience, but it can also feel a bit disorienting at first. For many students, it might be their first time away from home or travelling overseas.

However, by embracing new experiences, students grow to be more independent, sure of themselves, and ready to tackle new challenges. These are attributes all strong leaders share – because only by taking risks can we fulfill our true potential, and encourage others to do the same!

Studying Abroad Promotes a Positive Attitude & Good Work-Life Balance

Take a look at some of the most innovative companies around and you’ll notice that many of them emphasize the importance of work-life balance. That’s because keeping employees happy and relaxed also keeps them productive and loyal.

As you study abroad in Italy, you’ll get a good first-hand look at how effective a good work-life balance can be. You’ll complete demanding courses that challenge you – but, at the same time, you’ll learn to relax, explore, and take some time for yourself during your studies.

Business school in Italy, Study abroad in Italy, How the Study Abroad Experience Makes You A Stronger Leader, Reasons to study abroad, John cabot university graduation ceremony, international student in Rome

JCU students take time to explore historic sites in Rome, and visit neighboring regions in Italy

You might find that a trip to a museum, a weekend getaway, or a relaxing afternoon exploring Rome will generate more inspiration and energy that simply bulldozing through readings and assignments.

Understanding the value of “down-time” has life-long benefits, and will help position you as a thoughtful leader who cares about the wellbeing of every team member.

Want to discover more leadership-building benefits of studying abroad?

Visit John Cabot University to see for yourself how our students have grown from studying in Italy.

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