How Earning a Degree from a University in Rome Can Help You Land a Job After Graduation

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Want to study abroad? You might expect that it’s all about seeing world-class sites, learning from top professors, and building international friendships—and you wouldn’t be wrong! But an important aspect of your experience abroad is how it will prepare you to succeed on the job scene.

Even if you don’t realize it in the moment, your time abroad will ultimately help you develop skills and credentials that will shape your career path. Along with a competitive degree, you’ll develop a broadened perspective, useful connections, and worthwhile experience that both employers and graduate schools appreciate.

Here’s a quick roundup of reasons your study-abroad degree can help you land your dream job.

A Degree from University in Rome Exposes You to a Range of Responsibilities

An international city is the perfect place to develop your own skills in independence and self-sufficiency. You’ll get to practice communicating with people from all different walks of life, with diverse language and cultural backgrounds, and even practice a second-language of your own.

“At JCU I have the privilege of making progress in my studies while enjoying Roman culture, archaeology, and beautiful weather, not to mention the vibrant Trastevere neighborhood,” says Omar Attaya, a student from Egypt who chose to study economics and finance in Rome.  “I believe studying at JCU and living in Rome is all about managing time effectively.”

Needless to say, time management, adaptability, and cross-cultural communication skills are all attractive to future employers. Studies from groups like the IES Abroad and the American Institute for Foreign Study list these among the main reasons study abroad grads secure employment quicker than their counterparts with no international experience.

According to IES Abroad, 97 percent of study abroad grads secured jobs within one year after graduation, compared to the 49 percent of students in the general college graduate population.

landing a job after graduation, John cabot university, jcu campus, study abroad in Rome, study in italy, how studying in rome can help you land a job, jcu graduation ceremony

Students from around the world earn their places in JCU’s graduation ceremony

Your Study Abroad Experience Helps You Build Useful International Connections

When you take part in a study abroad program or actually earn your degree abroad, you’ll leave Italy with a new network of personal and professional contacts.

“I was very surprised by the diversity of nationalities in the student body,” Omar says. “Being around people from all around the world has helped me get the most out of my education. Being exposed to different mentalities and points of view has greatly broadened my perspectives.”

If you study economics in Italy like Omar, you can make meaningful friendships with professors as well as classmates. These professors have networks that stretch across the world! If you picture yourself continuing your education, they can help you make the best choices about which grad school options will set you on-track for great long-term career goals.

You’ll Access Competitive Internships & Career Resources at University in Rome

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), approximately 60 percent of undergraduate students who pursue internships receive job offers from their internship hosts after graduation. When you study abroad, internships may lead to exciting international job opportunities.

“I never imagined I would be volunteering at the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations when I started at JCU in Fall 2013,” says Samantha Abear from Illinois. “With a lot of hard work and networking, I got a four-month contract with the Mountain Partnership, a UN alliance housed at FAO.”

Samantha went on to win an institutional medal from the Italy-USA Foundation. She credits her teachers’ support for her burgeoning career success.

“Professor Michèle Favorite’s Business Communications course taught me the essentials of resume and cover letter writing,” explains Samantha. “These experiences prepared me for the tasks and responsibilities currently required of me in my work with the Mountain Partnership.”

landing a job after graduation, John cabot university, jcu campus, study abroad in Rome, study in italy, how studying in rome can help you land a job, jcu graduation ceremony, making the most out of your time abroad

The right university resources and support can help you make the most out of your time abroad

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