Get Fit in the New Year With John Cabot U Athletics!

john cabot athletics, staying fit as a university student, university student sports, university soccerNew Year’s resolutions are often easily abandoned once the year gets started in earnest.  Suddenly, the minor or major changes you set out to make in your life slowly fade away, brushed to the side or simply forgotten about as the business of school and day to day happenings take priority.

According for Forbes, only eight per cent of people actually achieve their annual goals.  One way to keep long-term accomplishments in the foreground is to set their definitions more broadly.  So while promising yourself to stay fit throughout 2015 may sound as though it’s all about weights and jogging, you may realize there’s a lot more to it.

Spend Some Time at the Gym

While you study abroad in Italy, John Cabot U does offer a range of ways to shape up, including a state of the art fitness center.  Equipped with standard gym items like treadmills, weights, and bicycles, the room also features a nautilus machine and numerous classes are offered bi-weekly. Zumba, Pilates and Fitcross run by bilingual instructors and student assistants are always reliable options, but you could also check out the more trendy classes such as hip hop or Latin dance.

Bear in mind, you are studying in one of the birthplaces of athleticism. John Cabot has some excellent teams of Europe’s most popular sports, including Gladiators and Lady Gladiators Soccer, Co-Ed Volleyball and Basketball.

john cabot athletics, staying fit as a university student, university student sports, university soccer, john cabot university gymBuild Your Social Network Through Clubs and Activities

Of course, if you study economics in Italy or other business-related fields, leading a fit student life also includes creating and maintaining healthy relationships. As any aspiring entrepreneur will tell you, effective networking is one of the golden keys to success. Socializing within John Cabot’s numerous student clubs will help nurture those important relationships, while offering alternative routes to physical fitness. You might join the Grassroots club, for example, and get your heart rate up by participating in nature excursions and green space clean-ups. Or, John Cabot’s Martial Arts Club might prove the perfect way to flex a little muscle while making new friends.

Continue to Explore Your Faith

It’s important to remember that physical fitness has its roots in emotional and mental health – and for many students that means carving out time for reflection and spiritual exploration. If maintaining an interest in your personal beliefs is important to you, John Cabot also offers the Interfaith Initiative.  The initiative, born out of the university’s great religious and cultural diversity, aims to foster tolerance and understanding of all faiths through dialogue and critical thinking. Even for students less religiously inclined, the benefits of visiting and discovering some of the world’s most impressive religious sites are many.  You don’t have to study art history in Italy to appreciate the city’s iconic masterpieces.

No matter which way you intend to view Rome as you begin or continue your studies abroad this year, John Cabot U can provide healthy, exciting ways to stay physically, emotionally, and spiritually fit.

How will you get in shape this New Year?

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