Funding your Degree in Rome

The idea of receiving a top quality American education through study abroad in Italy must be exciting to any student but some might also wonder about more practical considerations. John Cabot University offers degree-seeking and visiting students a truly distinct learning experience, enriched by its international student body and faculty amidst the living laboratory of ancient and modern cosmopolitan culture in Rome. The opportunity to study on location at justly famous sites of historical significance while developing unique adaptation, networking and cross-cultural communication skills provides immense lasting personal and career benefits. John Cabot’s Financial Aid Office is committed to making this education more accessible to students from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds.

Resources are available to assist with funding your international education, to make your dream a reality. Over 70 percent of degree-seeking students benefit from some type of financial assistance at John Cabot University. There are numerous scholarship awards based on merit and financial need. First-year and transfer students are eligible for merit-based scholarships and those who can demonstrate a legitimate need for aid may apply for financial assistance grants. Students with family members who have studied at John Cabot may also receive tuition reduction grants.

Returning students are eligible to receive the Dean’s List Scholarship and there is an Assistance Grant for students with demonstrated financial need. As John Cabot is an authorized participant of the Title IV Program, eligible US citizens or Permanent Residents can receive Federal Student Aid through the U.S. government. Study abroad students may often partially fund their semester abroad by transferring their existing financial aid packages to John Cabot or see if they qualify for study abroad scholarships.


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