Finding the Perfect Internship

Choosing an internship can seem a bit daunting. For many students, it’s their first foray into the real job market. Chances are you’re not really sure what you’re getting yourself into – should you take an internship that’s unpaid? What are the companies like?

Sometimes it may seem like a leap of faith, and often it is, but it can be a great way to get your feet wet in the career you’re pursuing, and it could even lead to an extremely rewarding job and a great reference. Finding an internship isn’t actually as hard as it may seem at first glance, and following a few easy steps will have you getting your foot in the door of a great organization when you study abroad in Italy.

Do Your Research

The absolute first thing you should do before even thinking about applying for an internship with a company is to thoroughly research it. John Cabot University offers 160 competitive internship opportunities this spring, ranging from the U.S. Embassy in Rome to John Cabot University’s own Guarini Institute. Not only will research better prepare you for the interview – because you’ll have conversation topics, and be prepared to answer questions – but it will give you valuable insight into whether the organization is a good fit for you.

What Do You Want?

Are you looking for an internship that eventually leads to a job, or do you just want to pursue one for a great resume item and course credit while you study abroad in Rome? Knowing why you want to pursue an internship will help you narrow down your choices. If you’re going to be embarking on an internship for course credit, you’ll have to locate an internship and get accepted before finding a sponsor at John Cabot University and the program must be approved by the For-Credit Internship Program Director. Knowing what you want ahead of time means you’ll be excellently prepared when applying for that internship, so it’s always better to start thinking about it sooner rather than later!

Talk to Someone

Most students interested in internships will benefit from receiving guidance from a trained professional with extensive experience on the subject. Talking with someone at John Cabot University’s Center for Career Services will not only help international students in Italy discover opportunities for internships, but it will give you a chance to discover what types of internships there are, what their requirements are, and how you can work to meet them. It’s also worth tracking down someone who works at one of the places you’re thinking of applying for an internship. Ask them if they can give you a bit of their time to sit down and discuss what they do, and what the organization does. It will show you have initiative, and give you a better idea of what the organization is like.

With all of this information at your disposal, finding the perfect internship for you should be a breeze! If you have any questions or want to see what your opportunities are, visit John Cabot University’s Center for Career Services Internship page.

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