Finding a Career With Your International Affairs Degree

Do you long to understand what’s behind the headlines of world politics? Comprehending the institutions and processes that determine international relations requires considering key issues and events from a wide variety of perspectives. Choosing to study abroad in a global city like Rome will provide priceless opportunities and insights.

The Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs program at John Cabot University offers an unparalleled international academic experience, combining a rich curriculum with abundant opportunities to network with students and experts, and discover global politics and international relations beyond the classroom.

John Cabot University is located in the heart of Rome, Italy, the birthplace of Roman Law, the European Union and cosmopolitanism, the headquarters of the Catholic Church and home to numerous other notable international institutions and organizations, United Nations agencies, and embassies.

Our faculty members hold PhDs and doctorates from leading universities in the United States and Europe, and are renowned for their academic research and for providing the analytical tools and knowledge to prepare our international students in Italy. We prepare future leaders for advanced studies in prestigious graduate programs or diverse careers with an international dimension, including business, law, research, or government.

International Law

With more and more trade agreements between nations being drafted, many opportunities in the field of international law are quickly materializing. Whether it’s working in the international court of law in The Hague or at a domestic law firm dealing with international law, there are a number of rewarding positions available. Our curriculum delves into the many international laws, tariffs, and agreements necessary for advanced studies in this field.

Government and Embassies

If you’ve ever considered a career at a foreign embassy or as a government official, the international affairs degree will provide you with the knowledge and skills to get your foot in the door. You’ll learn a great deal about the inner workings of nations–from their main imports and exports to their governmental policies and regulations.

International Organizations and Nongovernmental Organizations

Study abroad in Italy is an excellent jumping off point to internships at Rome-based international organizations, such as the World Food Program and the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization. The frequent academic conferences that take place at our campus are a great opportunity to interact with individuals from other universities, as well as journalists, statesmen, and policy makers. The Guarini Institute for Public Affairs regularly hosts events, discussions, and lectures that are particularly valuable for students of international affairs. Combining the International Affairs major with a concentration in economics makes a great background for careers or graduate programs in international business.

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