Explorando Excello: What the John Cabot Motto Means and Why It’s Important to You

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The motto of John Cabot University is “Explorando Excello”. This roughly translates to “I excel by exploring,” and is closely related to our student services motto, “Explore, Excel, Experience, and Grow Together”.  In the tradition of John Cabot, the celebrated Venetian explorer, we believe that expanding global horizons and exploring the world around us is the path to success.

Students at our school embody the motto in their ambition, openness, curiosity, and dedication to the pursuit of knowledge. Even the choice to travel to a new place for school is a success in itself, as you are surpassing expectations and reaching outside of what you know well. Read on to learn what “Explorando Excello” means for our students.

How Will Attending a Rome University Help You Grow Through Exploration?

We believe that all of us can grow together by exploring and expanding what we know and experience. Engaging communities and environments breed a passion for learning. When students have this passion, they become more curious academics, and are more willing to explore subjects in depth. Curious intellectuals drive not only themselves, but all of society forward, as they continuously develop, discover, and improve. The world we live in advances thanks to engaged, inquisitive minds.

The exploratory mindset that studying abroad fosters can make students more inquisitive

The exploratory mindset that studying abroad fosters can make students more inquisitive

As you encounter cultures, places, and points of view you didn’t know before, you will begin to adopt new intellectual angles and creative lenses through which to see the world. This will encourage your mind to examine ideas from multiple perspectives, rather than only using the lens you are used to. In this way, the practice of exploring each day while you study in Italy feeds into your academic pursuits and helps you to excel.

How You Get a Bonus Education when You Study in Italy

Choosing a study abroad program is a convenient way to get more out of your time at university. Not only do students have the chance to extend themselves academically, but they also are provided with a wealth of places to explore physically. Students just need to step off campus to immediately find beautiful, challenging, exciting, and stimulating experiences. These experiences give you an irreplaceable education on top of what you learn in the classroom.

Taking advantage of on-site classes and school trips will help you to explore your surroundings. Venturing out on your own will also give you confidence, resourcefulness, and help you develop an adventurous spirit, empowering you to lead yourself to life-changing discoveries.

Explore your new campus right away with friends, getting into an adventurous mindset

Explore your new campus right away with friends, getting into an adventurous mindset

You’ll Adopt Life Skills that Help You to Excel

Exploring builds on life skills that are valuable for many areas of life. These skills will help you with career pursuits, personal relationships, individual development, and leading a fulfilling life. Mistakes are bound to be made when you are navigating new roads, both physically and metaphorically. With each wrong turn or flubbed Italian phrase, you’ll build up your experience navigating hiccups and can start to approach problems with a more easy-going attitude. The better you can handle stress, the more resilient you will be in the face of life’s challenges. This can make you more focused, effective, and healthy—all things that will help you excel and reach your goals.

The added education that a Rome university provides, from the rich history of Italy to the gorgeous architecture and artwork you can soak in, will add even more to your education. With real-life experience roaming around in the Mediterranean, the lessons and stories you absorb will stay with you long after your flight home. This gives you a priceless education on top of your university classes—a bonus that makes you more creative, worldly, and interesting.

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