Entering the Global Village 2.0

Whether you refer to it as the internet generation, or the global village, it’s no secret that the widespread adoption of the communication opportunities provided by the worldwide web’s evolution has broken down barriers between cultures with astounding speed. What was once a very splintered and sectioned off world is now all available to be seen with the click of a mouse.

Technology has enabled us to communicate far more rapidly and efficiently than ever before, resulting in a much larger and more diverse world. Because it has become just as easy to be aware of what’s happening in China or Germany or Italy as what’s happening in our own backyard, the opportunities for worldwide collaboration and understanding are immense.

At John Cabot University, we’re exceptionally aware of this fact, as we house many international students in Italy who have chosen to study abroad in Rome. Through our degree opportunities and study abroad programs, we’ve strived to break down international barriers and foster rewarding collaborations among students from different parts of the world. It is truly a global village, as John Cabot University is one of the most diverse and culturally rewarding settings in which to learn – the result is a far richer education.

One of the ways John Cabot University encourages this international connection is through the International Communication Institute.

The International Communication Institute

Each Summer II session the International Communication Institute brings together John Cabot University students, international students and faculty from around the world to attend five weeks of intense discussion and discovery.

This year, the Summer II session goes from June 26th until August 2nd, and the classes offered include seminars in business, various aspects of the arts, the social sciences and humanities, as well as various topics in media studies and communications in the 21st century.

This year’s session is focused on the idea of the global village, as described by media theorist Marshall McLuhan. The idea that there will be a planetary connection forged by media was one of his most prophetic theories, as it seems to have come true in the form of the internet, connecting us in ways we never thought possible. With our obsession on mobile technology and ubiquitous online connection, what are the drawbacks and benefits of this global shift? That’s what this year’s session will attempt to unravel, through distinguished guest speakers and five weeks of engaging discussions and illuminating lectures.

For more information on how you can study abroad in Italy and attend the Summer II session at John Cabot University, head over to the International Communication Institute website!

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