How the Decision to Study Abroad Can Help You Develop Soft Skills

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Today’s employers seek both the skills you’ll learn in the classroom relating to your field of study, as well as those which are unrelated to your course curriculum, such as soft skills. Communication, critical thinking, leadership, and teamwork are all examples of soft skills that will be important to develop no matter your industry of choice.

How can studying abroad help you develop the soft skills you’ll need to thrive? Opening yourself up to new experiences, cultures, languages, and people can provide a unique opportunity to learn the skills that will help you in both your personal and professional life.

If you’re interested in travelling abroad to study in another country, read on to find out what students at John Cabot University are learning during their time in Italy!

You Can Improve Your Problem-Solving Skills When You Study Abroad

One of the main perks of studying abroad is, of course, that you get to experience another country firsthand. As you interact with locals, explore rich historical sites, and learn more about Italy while you study abroad, your exposure to new lifestyles, people, and cultures can help you learn how to do things.

Studying abroad means you have to be resourceful and take initiative. Whether you’re drafting your latest weekend travel plans, buying and cooking your own food, or finding your way around the city, you’ll have to apply your problem-solving skills to make sure that you’re doing what needs to be done so you don’t have to worry about it later. Your ability to problem-solve is a useful skill that helps you take the next step toward independence, even after you arrive back home!

You can build your problem-solving skills during your time studying abroad at JCU

You can build your problem-solving skills during your time studying abroad at JCU

Studying Abroad Can Help You Learn the Finer Points of Self-Management

When you study abroad, chances are your parents aren’t coming with you. Travelling to another country—even for one semester—can give you a chance to take the next step towards independence.

Independence means you have more autonomy over yourself, your responsibilities, and your choices, but a good sense of self-management can help you make the difference between balancing your weekend trips with the paper due on Monday and taking the trip without even finishing a first draft. Self-management encourages you to plan in advance and think things through, a useful skill you can hone during your time abroad that is just as handy when you take it back home with you afterwards.

Develop Your Teamwork Skills during Your Time Abroad in Italy

Studying abroad at an American university means that, although your academic structure may be familiar, your surroundings will be quite different. Immersing yourself in another culture can make even a trip to the local market or grocery store feel like a new experience!

Studying abroad gives students a chance to work and collaborate together

Studying abroad gives students a chance to work and collaborate together

Deciding to study abroad in Italy can take you to many exciting places—literally and metaphorically—and that includes the people you meet. New friends and learning experiences will be easy to find when you study abroad at JCU. Whether in class, at a cafe, or in the library, you have the chance to work closely with your fellow students and professors from around the world as you practice the way you collaborate and approach a situation with other people. Working with others can diversify your learning experience as well as introduce you to new points of views and perspectives, which you can take with you throughout your life after your time abroad.

Are you ready to take the next steps toward studying abroad in Italy?

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