3 Business and Economics Classes Worth Checking out at #JCURome

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Studying at John Cabot University can take your educational experience to exciting new places! If you are studying Business Administration, Economics and Finance, or Marketing, there are many different directions your classes can take you. Although the three courses we are about to describe are only part of the wide spectrum of knowledge necessary for success in these fields, they are also among the most future-friendly and fascinating classes you can take on campus.

Whichever business-related major your focus happens to be in, these are just a select few classes you can take that can go a long way toward enriching your JCU experience.

“International Economics”: A View of Trade and Investment Through a Global Lens

While you are studying economics abroad, there’s perhaps no more appropriate class to take than one about the inner workings of economics on a global scale. That is why you might want to consider enrolling in International Economics. In a world that has become increasingly turbulent with regards to international relations, learning international economics, investment, and trade—as well as their various causes and effects—this topic is particularly fascinating. This course can also teach students the difference between economic arguments for international macroeconomics and trade, versus those rooted in ideology or nationalism. Covering topics such as exchange rates, international trade policy and theory, and trade policy in developing countries, students at JCU can increase their knowledge in international relations and trade while studying in an international environment.

“Multimedia Strategic Communications” Helps Promote Business Storytelling in the Digital Age

In an age where virtually anyone can be a content creator, how does one harness this trend to help companies modernize their marketing strategies and reach the widest possible audience? This is what Multimedia Strategic Communications seeks to figure out. As a course listed under both business and marketing, this class teaches students the nuances of multimedia storytelling for both for-profit and non-profit businesses, in order to optimize their strategic communications. By creating multimedia projects—blogs, apps, interactive storytelling, etc.—in a hands-on environment and with numerous software platforms, students learn how storytelling has adapted to the digital era, and how businesses tackle consumer engagement as a result.

Consider Taking “Made in Italy: The Italian Business Environment” When You Study Abroad in Rome

If you want a uniquely Italian course to take while you study abroad in Rome, look no further! In Made in Italy: The Italian Business Environment, students learn about Italy’s business environment, as well as the defining characteristics of its corporate culture and the country’s most iconic brands. This class aims to break down how Italy’s businesses—such as Fendi, FIAT, and Prato—remain among the biggest in the world even despite the influence of foreign investment. Students will learn how to not only better understand Italian business culture and management styles, but also the finer details of Italy’s job market, regulations, relationships between domestic businesses, and the history of the “made in Italy” brand.

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