How the Choice to Study in Italy Sets You Apart in the Job Market

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Studying abroad is a great way to push yourself to explore new opportunities and challenge your own mindset. It also gives you skills that look great to employers, providing a boost to your resume. Students who opt to study away from their comfort zones can make better employees and more successful professionals. It’s a fun way to build your professional qualities and get a jump start on your career.

Companies are looking for people who can operate in a globalized world, with adaptability, management skills, and confident as well as positive attitudes. Students who have studied abroad are able to show off these parts of themselves by including their experiences on their resumes. Learn how valuable studying in another country is to your career and why you should highlight it when applying for work after graduation.

Studying Abroad Gives You a Global Perspective

In almost every industry, things are becoming more and more globalized. No matter what field you enter, the world is getting further connected each day. Students who have experienced life in a country that isn’t their home are more likely to be able to contribute to an industry on a global scale.

Extracurriculars like Model UN are great ways to broaden your worldview

Extracurriculars like Model UN are great ways to broaden your worldview

Once you’ve lived and studied in Italy, your mind is open to incorporating different viewpoints into your work. By studying at a university in Rome, you will not only be exposed to life in Italy but also to other students from around the world who are embarking on their own study abroad experiences. You’ll be able to learn from their stories and points of view, broadening your intellectual scope. You can bring cultural knowledge to the table thanks to your experiences abroad, and employers will see this as a big strength.

Adaptation and Management Skills Are Learned

When you arrive at school in Italy, you will encounter many exciting challenges, from getting to know a brand new culture to navigating an environment where you may not speak the primary language. These challenges are combined with the normal expectations that are placed on you in university, like managing your course load, arranging your schedule, and coordinating extracurricular activities and study groups. Being able to stay organized and navigate these various moving parts makes you better at both self-managing and working on complicated projects.

Employers will see that you were able to handle new things as they were tossed at you, from communicating with locals to getting your bearings on campus. The diversity of ideas and perspectives around you is yet another way that your mind is adapting and multi-tasking during your studies. This kind of personal development is attractive to recruiters who are looking for great people—you can take the best things you learned and incorporate them into your professional outlook.

Students who Study Abroad Build their Confidence

Confidence is important when presenting yourself as a candidate for a job opening, and if you study in Italy you are likely to develop this quality. Because you will be living in a city you don’t know, you’ll need to ask for help once in a while. You’ll get accustomed to striking up conversations with strangers, as you’ll not only benefit from their advice but will also be able to use it as an icebreaker.

You may notice that you carry yourself with more confidence after studying abroad

You may notice that you carry yourself with more confidence after studying abroad

Immersion in an Italian-speaking environment when you step off campus will encourage your communication skills. Seeing your own success and learning from mistakes will reassure you of how brave, competent, and independent you are. This confidence will shine through in the way that you speak, carry yourself, and present your work—which can be a true asset during your career.

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