Career Opportunities in International Affairs

study abroad in italy, Career Opportunities in International Affairs, jcu international affairs majors, study abroad in Rome, American universities in RomeAs with all effective liberal arts studies, a degree in International Affairs helps students develop essential core skills in critical thinking, creative problem solving, analysis, and of course – communication. However, the global scope of the degree also provides students with an exceptional grasp of the political forces that influence every aspect of human society. Graduates understand how businesses interact within transnational frameworks, how policy is shaped, and how organizations of every type grow and prosper. In short, students of International Affairs are perfectly poised to assume an incredibly diverse and challenging range of professional positions. We can’t come close to discussing all of them here, but we can describe a few of the top choices for many John Cabot study abroad and degree-seeking students.

Opportunities in International Business

Students who attend a university in Rome have positioned themselves perfectly for first-hand encounters with the world of international business. Not only is John Cabot University itself a global hub, the city of Rome plays host to multinational companies of all kinds. Students of International Affairs often apply for internships at these organizations in order to gain real world experience fulfilling roles they may well take on after graduation.

Internationally-oriented jobs in the business world often involve positions in sales, marketing, finance, operations, and strategic planning. Places of work include multinational corporations, joint ventures, financial institutions, law firms, consulting firms and manufacturers of both goods and services. As globalization intensifies, many of these companies are looking for ways to expand across borders. Graduates of International Affairs are prepared to help with that transition, while often playing important roles as intermediaries between federal agencies in matters of trade regulation.

Humanitarian Work

For students who dream of making a real difference in the world – of leveraging their knowledge of international policy for the public good – humanitarian work with NGOs, non-profits, and foundations would be ideal. Many graduates of International Affairs seek out positions with organizations that provide relief during large scale crises such as war, famine, and natural disasters. These efforts require strategic planning, analysis, expert communication, and dedicated leadership. Students who study abroad in Rome are lucky to find themselves in a city that hosts three United Nations organizations, working together to fight hunger worldwide – the World Food Program, the Food and Agriculture Organization, and the International Fund for Agricultural Development.

Diplomacy and Foreign Service

Another way International Affairs grads can apply their unique skill set in service of others is by working for government. There are professional positions available in defense departments, intelligence (analyzing documents or carrying out field assignments), and international development (administering foreign aid), just to name a few. Most governmental organizations ask applicants to take a qualifying exam, and preference is often given to speakers of multiple languages. Like many positions graduates may seek out, securing a job in government often relies on landing a great internship. With a completed degree and some work experience, exciting opportunities truly abound for graduates of International Affairs.

Where will a degree in International Affairs take you?

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