How You Can Get Active during Your Time at John Cabot University

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Studying abroad in Italy offers the opportunity for students to see and explore new places, new cultures, and a different lifestyle. Although you’ll have plenty of time to fit your next destination into your course schedule, staying active is an important aspect of your time abroad.

Physical activity can help you stay healthy while you get ready for the next adventure and gets you more engaged in maintaining a positive lifestyle of personal wellness. From joining a sports team to exploring different parts of Italy on recreational university trips, students at John Cabot University have a variety of ways to get active outside the classroom.

Use the JCU Fitness Center to Your Athletic Advantage While You Study Abroad

One of the easiest ways to get active at JCU is by visiting our fitness center. The fitness center is equipped with treadmills, bicycles, a nautilus machine, free weights, and more to help you stay fit. We also offer bilingual personal trainers and student assistants to provide athletic support to you during your training, and the fitness center also includes showers, lockers, and changing rooms, so you’ll have no problem fitting in a workout between classes.

The fitness center also offers classes, from yoga to cheerdance to kickboxing to HIIT. John Cabot also has external agreements with other facilities for activities that our campus may not be equipped for, and you can still enjoy activities you may have participated in at home such as cricket, CrossFit, lacrosse, paintball, sailing, and swimming, among many others.

Get Into the Gladiator Spirit by Participating in Sports Teams at John Cabot

Team sports can be a fun and exciting way to meet new people, get into the competitive spirit, and stay active during your time abroad.

You have plenty of options to choose from if you want to become a Gladiator, the official mascot of JCU. Our co-ed volleyball team hosts tryouts at the beginning of each semester, and participates in the Roman Universities League during the spring and fall. JCU also has three soccer teams: one 11-on-11 men’s team and two 5-on-5 teams for women and men.

Joining a sports team at JCU can help you get active and make new friends while you’re abroad

Joining a sports team at JCU can help you get active and make new friends while you’re abroad

Apart from soccer and volleyball, JCU is also home to a co-ed basketball team, which competes against other universities in Rome. Recently, John Cabot University has introduced a new addition to our athletic roster with our cheerleading team, which practices throughout the year in support of our competitive sports teams.

JCU’s Recreational Activities Can Help Study Abroad Students Explore Italy

Getting active can include more than just going to the gym or joining a sports team. In an effort to promote leadership, team-building, and athleticism in our students, JCU offers athletics trips, which takes students to some of Italy’s most fascinating locations.

Students at JCU have the opportunity go outdoors and explore different regions of Italy

Students at JCU have the opportunity go outdoors and explore different regions of Italy

From hiking to sailing and more, students have a chance to take a trip away from our American university in Rome and explore a different side of Italy, while still staying active. Some examples of our activities include a weekend trips to Sapri, a town on the Tyrrhenian Sea, complete with a boat tour of the coast, a walk through the springs to Bussento Grotto, and a kayaking session in the Bussento river, as well as a hiking trip through the harbor of Sapri itself. If you enjoy sailing, the day trip to Bracciano involves a sailing class and three hours on the waters of Lake Bracciano, with a stop for gelato on the way back.

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